The Opioid Crisis

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I would like to start this topic by telling you how there are not many people who have issues with opioids. Sadly, I will have to inform you that each day there is more than 90 Americans who are dying because of opioid overdose. But, what do we mean when we say opioids? This category includes of course heroin, which is the most dangerous opioid and I am sure the one that you have already heard about. What else do we have here? We have prescription pain relievers, and also some sort of synthetic opioid (for example fentanyl). Can you imagine how serious this problem is?

q1The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that there is an ”economic burden” because of the opioids. What is the amount of money we are talking about here? You wouldn’t believe it-$78.5 billion a year! Of course, such an amount includes the cost of the additional healthcare needed when it comes to addicts, various addiction treatments and criminal justice involvement. That all goes together, right? It isn’t hard to understand that. What bothers the world the most is that these crises are getting worse and worse each year. The most affected areas are definitely those were Black Americans live. There, you can hear about the epidemic of drug overdoses, and especially opioids. The drug abuse is mostly practiced in urban countries where the fentanyl I was talking about earlier has literally become widespread.

Why have I mentioned Black Americans at first place? I did it because when you take a look at the statistics, you can easily realize that the drug death rate is mostly rising among those people. In what ages people start experimenting with drugs? You have probably asked yourself this question. When I was young, and I am not old either, I didn’t know anyone who was doing drugs in primary school. But, today’s statistics look different.

q2There are approximately 11% of young people who had some touch with opioids in their primary school. How horrible is that fact? What can be done about that? You know how it goes, children think that they will just try it and stop when they want, right? Do they get a proper education about drug effects? What about parents? Are they well aware and educated to recognize the signs and symptoms of an addict? I don’t think so.

What this horrible crisis made is that the life expectancy now highly dropped. It is basically dropping by each year and no one is obviously reacting properly! Yes, you cannot forbid someone to do drugs, but what can the whole planet do to make people be more aware of the effects? Sometimes, I wonder how people are actually aware of the effects, but they are trying to escape the reality. You know, it is easier to be out of conscious and to live like that day by day. Obligations? Maybe the drug addicts think that those just disappear once they hit their ”heaven”. What will 2018 bring us? Can we hope for a lower rate of opioid crisis, or will it just rise? What is the cost of such epidemic crises, I have already said. Can that money be spent in some better ways? I am sure that it can be.

What went wrong with humanity and when that started actually? If you ask me, I need to mention mass media. When you watch a movie, although it may be a comedy, it seems normal that teens do drugs on parties. It is acceptable to be a clubber who occasionally experiments with these toxic substances.

q3Who is going to react? Does it actually fit everyone, because there is so much money in drug empire and also people act like puppets? Mass control?

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