12 Steps Women Can Take To Control Their Personal Health

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There are lots of new stuff you can learn from simple health practices. If you put your head practicing a healthy lifestyle, change happens faster. It’s not about going through rigorous procedures that drain all your funds but routine changes anyone can adopt TODAY.

If you have made the decision to control your personal health, here are a few ways to kick off.

Never miss breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. Inasmuch as it is a vital source of energy, it also provides additional nutrients and minerals including vitamins, iron, protein and fibers.

sdLaugh it out

Laughing relieves stress, makes you approachable, reduce blood pressure. Therefore, don’t be a bum. Find something to make you laugh; be it a good joke, comedy TV shows or chilling with friends.

Try out some yoga

There are tons of advantages in doing yoga. Conventionally, yoga is meant to increase flexibility but there are other secondary effects from doing those poses. Yoga reduces stress, drops blood pressure to the normal range and also slows the heart rate.Additionally, it’s great for your muscles as it makes them more adaptable to stress and will not injure yourself in extreme conditions. Some poses look funny but learning them is what makes it worthwhile.

Eat the best fruit

Nothing heals better than food. A lot of antioxidants, flavonoids, and carotenoids are obtained from common fruits and can prevent the hazardous effects of damaging radicals. A good dose of organic fruits and vegetables gets reduces the risk of contracting terminal conditions which are easily prevented by a good diet.

Don’t be an island

There is a simple reason why women have a slightly higher life expectancy than men: they have a tight network of social circles. Without a doubt, life has very many stressing factors and if you face them alone you can die young. A lot of stress can make you age faster but isn’t this the reason why we have family and friends to confide in during turmoil?

asfdVisit the doctor regularly

No one knows your health better other than you or your doctor. Regular checkups by your doctor inclusive of a full body exam can rule out some conditions long before they occur. However you know your body better and shouldn’t follow all therapies blindly without knowing how you will be affected.

A penny a day

A leading cause of stress for many women is their financial issues because money is associated with power, mostly. Consequently, stress can also cause indulgence in risky behavior such as smoking, drinking and excessive eating, all of which have a huge toll on general health.If it makes you feel better, then it’s better to become a habitual saver and keep the cash out of reach lest you spend it on the latest smartphone and you fall into the same hole once again.

Kitchen essentials

Cooking is a great experience you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are able to control what you eat then it’s much simpler to lose weight and increase the daily portion of healthy food such as fruits, nuts, cereals, and veggies.

Regular cardio workout

Women need a combination of cardio and resistance training more than men do at an interval of 3 to 5 times weekly. This prevents osteoporosis, heart complications, cancer and diabetes. Good exercises can uplift self-esteem which is good for a woman’s mental health.

Don’t miss out on sex

Sex is as enjoyable whether you are 25, 40 or 80 years old. Sex reduces stress and minimize the risk of getting chronic diseases but only if you enjoy it. Having sex releases hormones which make you feel good. Therefore, the next time you feel down, have some sex.

Couple Kissing Passionately On Bed

Get more sleep

You may watch a TV show to make you feel good but it’s incomparable to the effects of sleep. Sleeping 6-7 hours each day is a memory booster and stress reliever. Establish a healthy sleeping pattern and stick to it. Moreover, scientists have proven that mid-day naps also increase your productivity.

Genetic testing

There are some diseases which females are prone to, especially if it runs within the family for example breast cancer, ovarian cancer among other diseases. A careful assessment by your doctor can tell whether you are at risk of such diseases and how to prevent them.

After reading this, what bars you from making the bold move today?

Change starts with you, are you willing to make it?

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