Alcohol: is controlling drinking that complicated?

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Every person has their own reason(s) for drinking alcohol. Some do it for the thrill and in the name of having fun, some drink to drown their sorrows and worries of life down that bottle of scotch while still others do so due to the influence of peers. Most people usually start out small but sooner or later find themselves dependent on the drink.

sdfgsfgvAlcohol, like any other drug has several effects. Alcohol has the ability to change a once young, energetic and productive individual into a weak, malnourished and useless fellow. If you cannot control the alcohol intake, then, alcohol will control you. In society today, many have been enslaved by the snares of alcoholism. It is one the tools that the devil has used to lead many unsuspecting individuals astray. With the clouded judgement induced by the drink, people tend to find themselves doing things that they can’t even imagine while sober. Nearly 17.6 million adults in the U.S. abuse alcohol.

Many other people partake in the risky, binge drinking patterns that could trigger alcoholism problems. About 88,000 people lose their lives due to alcohol-related causes yearly. About a third of adults in the USA have had to battle with Alcohol Use disorder (AUD) at some stage in their lives (only 20 % have been treated): by the year 2014, 679,000 adolescents of age 12-17 suffered from AUD while 20% of college going students had AUD. Every year 1,825 students aged 18-24 sustain alcohol-related unintentional injuries which are sometimes fatal, including road accidents. Roughly 1 in 4 students report decline in academic performance due to alcoholism. These include: falling behind in class, poor performance in exams and papers, and receiving lower grades overall, and frequent truancy from class. Although some people say they drink alcohol so that they can feel good about themselves and life in general, it’s a fact that overindulgence in the drink does have some serious repercussions on the individual and the society at large. Spouses and children of heavy alcoholics are often faced with several types of alcohol-related abuse and violence. According to research, marriages in which one or both of the partners are alcoholics end in divorce 50% of the time. The research also indicates that about 40-60% of child abuse perpetrators are usually alcoholics. With the constant abuse from parents and having to witness the incessant fighting of parents, children of alcoholic parents often end up with deep-seated psychological and emotional problems. Furthermore, such children end up developing emotional problems such as: confusion, fear, guilt, mistrust, ambivalence, insecurities and shame. It goes without saying that children of alcohol addicts more often than not end up being addicts too. They even end up using hard drugs.

zdafsadfgThe following are some of the ways in which children may respond to alcohol abuse at home:

Fail classes in school

Overachieve in school or seek perfection

Become truant

Act like a parental figure

Engage in risky behaviors

Be unable to make or bond with friends

Steal and/or become violent or aggressive

Manifest physical illnesses

Abuse alcohol and/or other drugs

Suffer depression, even suicidal thoughts

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), victimization and perpetration have all been attributed to anger and problematic alcoholism.It is also common for alcoholics to take part in debauchery and careless sexual escapades with multiple partners who are often strangers, especially when drunk. This not only puts their personal safety at risk but also puts them at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS.

sdfgfvAlcohol abuse is linked to many social ills including sexual assaults against acquaintances and drunk driving accidents that result in loss of lives. Heavy alcoholism leads to a decline in the productivity of young and energetic individuals. Some people end up getting fired from lucrative jobs due to heavy alcoholism. Heavy alcoholism has a negative impact on the economy of any country. If the young people with new ideas and the energy to work cannot work, the economy is indeed at risk.

Other effects of alcoholism to the economy include healthcare expenses for treating problems caused by excessive drinking, law enforcement and other criminal justice expenses and motor vehicle crashes related to excessive alcohol use. Alcoholism has also been associated with up to 60 different diseases and health problems such as liver cirrhosis. Alcohol has many negative effects. It has led many to their graves. If you are indulging in it, find a way to stop drinking before you get addicted. If you already are addicted, make it a personal initiative to stop drinking alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, trust in God to help you overcome alcoholism.

Have you been affected by alcoholism either directly or indirectly?

What was your experience?

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