15 Jobs Robots Are Taking Over

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The input of technology is rapidly obliterating the need for human labor. 20 years down the line, it’s possible that some jobs which we hold dear will only be left for robots. Companies are always looking for ways of reducing their expenditure and robots offer a solution requiring minimal wages, no benefits with impeccable precision in their output. True to this, a company in China has already laid off 90% of its employees opting to stick with robots. The list below shows some jobs where humans are rapidly replaced with robots and computers

asdfSwitch board operator

Long gone are the days when telephone operators had to connect phone plugs into the right jacks, wire by wire, and could also take part in the call. In some organizations they are still operational though the whole process is computerized.

Bowling alley pinsetter

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the automated bowling pinsetters which efficiently arrange fallen pins precisely as they originally were. In yesteryears, it was the duty of an employee to manually arrange pins that had been knocked down by the bowling ball.

Lift operator

We’ve all used the lift at one point of our lives. It requires you to press a button and the lift moves up or down depending on the floor of destination. Originally, lifts did not make automatic stops at your designated floor. A lift operator had to use a lever to stop it on the correct floor meaning that patience and timing skills were a must.

Film projectionists

Cinemas took the whole world like a storm. A film projectionist had to run a projector with 35 mm celluloid rolls. It was a demanding job with hard tasks but now we enjoy digital projectors which are operable by anyone but doing away with film projectionists.


Before the alarm clock was invented, we had knock-uppers. A knock-upper was someone who was assigned to wake you up early in the morning for your errands by knocking on your window until you woke up. We’ll just want to know who woke up the knock-upper.

Bridge toll collector

There are some nations which have already phased out human bridge toll collectors by automated ones. This new system is a combination of cameras and sensors to detect cars and their number plates. Thereafter, car owners can pay even up to 24 hours after using the collection point. However, prior payment is also possible.


Before you check out the cashier asks, “Do you need a bag?” but maybe not for long. Most supermarkets in the UK have self-service check outs and require supervision from one or two people only.

Train station sales agent

Just like cashiers, these are automated machines for collecting and buying train tickets. It won’t be long before all tickets are bought online and collected from such places.

Factory workers

The main objective of robots is to have more output which isn’t the case in manual workers is was. A company in China has already replaced 9-0% of its workforce and stated that there is increased production.

Vehicle drivers

Self-driving cars are becoming a new craze that will take the whole world by storm. Companies such as Tesla, Google etc. are already running tests on self-driving cars and will displace a lot of people from the wheel.


Just like self-driving cars, there are drones which are already in use especially for military purposes. However, as the drones become more capable and efficient, it won’t be long before they replace commercial flight pilots.


Some firms are working on a system that will replace bartenders who serve drinks and beverages. There are some which are made to remember how your favorite drink is made.

afdMedical staffing

Scientists and inventors gave birth to robots which correctly diagnose, prescribe as well as conduct surgeries. The IBM Watson computer assists doctors in making a diagnosis and is under continuous upgrades to increase efficiency and accuracy.


Nowadays, the army uses drones which can go on missions in remote areas and have fewer casualties compared to normal combats. Additionally, these drones can act as personal guards, be deployed in specific areas and also carry military armor.

Travel agents

Before the internet, we had people to advise us on the best travel and destination deals. Now, we have the internet and can travel to any location without having to consult anyone. It seems it’s a robot revolution.

Will the only job left be creation of new robots?

Is it going to be a jobless future?

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