12 Rules for people who want to fast forward their careers

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When you stop and think how you got there where you are now, you will easily conclude that you put so much effort in it and also that you are full of different talents and skills that make your career successful. So, what if you want to grow even more? From my opinion, you wouldn’t ever get this far if you are complacent. Well, yes, all that you need is just a little push to fast forward! We can help in that, with some great tips and advice from real people who succeeded on their journey to the top!

1231.Knowledge. As you know, knowledge is power. It has always been like that. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are in, all you have to do is to find some time to learn more about it. Get some new skills! Today, we have the internet and you can find so many interesting platforms which will offer you free courses. Also, you can read e-books.

2.Work breaks. How do you spend your work breaks? Scrolling the Pinterest to get some ideas about decorating your home or doing something which can help you to land your promotion which is around the corner? Reassess your priorities.

3.Weekends. Do you ever find yourself being bored on Sunday? Watching TV even when there is nothing on? Instead of that, you can make a full plan for the next week which will make your workdays much easier. Write down each day of the week and the plans for it. Stick to the plan and see the difference happening day by day!

4.Outdoor times. Next time you wish to go for a walk and get some fresh ear, take your headphones with you and listen to some podcasts or speeches that talk about your career field. You will be surprised how much will you learn and besides that your body will relax in nature. Instead of traffic noise, listen to something that will fast forward your career!

4335.Your contacts. If you want to grow, the step you definitely need to take is to develop a more widening cycle of contacts. Everyone knows something that you don’t, and everyone knows someone you don’t. What else you don’t know? The fact that you can easily meet someone who will help you get fast forwarded or maybe even someone who will want to hire you for a better company.

6.Being debt free. Yes, money is very important. If you have enough money in your bank account, you don’t need to worry if there appears a chance to start the course that could be a winning chance for your growth!

7.Your mental attitude. If you haven’t known, once you develop a positive mental attitude, it will help you to achieve your goals much easier. Less effort and less time will be needed once you’re not in doubt all the time. If you are in doubt, you can easily find yourself thinking too much about some project and actually doing nothing about it. Get some confidence!

8.Get some confidence? When I already started to talk about the confidence, there is one more thing I would like to mention. Gym. Or any physical activity which makes you happy and to look good. It is important to look good and to take care of your health and body image. In that case, the others will also see you the same way.

9.Dress for success. Similar to the previous two conclusions, be sure that you wear professional and plain clothes. Always dress up for the occasion.

10.Working habits. Stop multitasking! Create good working habits which will make you more productive. Get a routine that brings you success and stick to it! Save time, earn more money!

fgv 11.Being creative. I talked about getting a routine, which is great and very important. But, if you want to fast forward in your career, then you also need to be creative. Nothing goes as actually planned, so you always need to have in mind a B or even a C plan. Also, don’t be afraid to come up with some new ideas!

12.Your character. You don’t work alone. Even if you do, you will need to spend some time with people. It is impossible to be totally out of society. Your character should be self-disciplined but also honest. Don’t promise something you cannot achieve! Rather say that you will work on it and try your best! Are the circumstances those which get people to fast forward in their career? Or does that depends on you? Your circle of contacts? It depends on all of that, so, don’t be exclusive, work on the whole picture and you will be rewarded!

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