11 Reason why men will fall out of love

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Is he losing interest?

Is it even possible to fall out of love?

People don’t usually wake up one day and decide they no longer love their partner.

afsJust like falling in love is a process that happens over time, falling out of love is also a process that occurs over time. There could be thousands of reasons why men will fall out of love. But let us discuss some of them. So here it goes, the truth about what makes men fall out of love.

He can’t be himself anymore around you: It’s all about compatibility. For a strong relationship, both partners have to like each other when they’re being genuine. If he feels the reaction of judgment every time he’s genuine, it signals to him very strongly that he’s with the wrong partner. Mutual compatibility is most important part of the relationship. Without it, both partners feel that they have to act like someone they’re not. If he feels he can’t be himself around her, he’ll simply stop wanting to be around her.

The more negative interactions in a relationship: A relationship is great when it feels awesome to be with each other. When it starts to feel more negative than positive, a relationship can quickly lose the power of love. The negative interactions can take away the charm of love. No matter what reason, if the scale tips towards more negative interactions than positive ones, it can make even the most love stuck man fall out of love.

Losing the emotional intimacy of the relationship: This point is very similar to the above one, but it’s not strictly about negativity. It’s about two people reaching a level where their relationship is almost like a business. If you find that your interactions with your partner are more businesslike than intimate, more centered on unromantic tasks rather than enjoying each other, it’s a big sign that the emotional intimacy is fading away from your relationship. Most people see this as losing the “spark”. But it’s important to make space for emotional intimacy which is the heart of the relationship. Otherwise, a man might forget why you fell in love in the first place and fall out of love.

The incompatible life goals: Maybe he wants kids and you don’t. Maybe he wants to live in the country and you want to live in the city. Maybe you want to travel the world and he wants to expand business first. Whatever the incompatibility, he’s having to face it fully and realizing that things aren’t going to change. You might not be able to compromise. When such incompatibility happens in a relationship, he might starts to ask himself ‘do I love this person enough to give up on something that’s really important to me?’ If the answer is no, it’s enough to make him fall out of love.

fed He doesn’t feel like you admire him anymore: It’s so important to feel attractive, the admirable person in a relationship. Especially for guys, they want to feel like they’re winning at all aspects of their lives. Guys are happiest when they feel that they’re succeeding at work, relationship, family or anything. So if he’s with someone and it doesn’t feel like she admires him, or even like him that much, it hurts him down to the hell. This makes him wonder why she’s even with him if it doesn’t seem like she admires him that much. Can she not find anyone better? Should they even plan future together? These questions and the feeling make him less and less attracted to her until the love is completely gone from their relationship.

Holding on to grudges: Nothing is worse than holding on to past accidents and grudges. If you cannot accept the ‘forgive and forget’ rule in a relationship, hurtful situations will become part of your life. It’s hard to move on happily when you are still keeping tabs on what your partner has done. Men can’t stand such things for long. Those constant talks of past issues will make him frustrated by time. And it will not take long for him to fall out from the circle of love.

Dishonesty: One of the reasonable things that makes a man fall out of love. Cheating and other secrets can destroy your relationship. It could be something like your partner is keeping a secret bank account, or doing drugs or has secret mobile phone or something else. Well, not sharing in a relationship is the same as lying. The person being dishonest loses all credibility in a relationship. No man can stand such dishonesty for long. Eventually, they will fall out of love if the dishonesty continues.

Regular relationship quarrels: No man can stand a relationship where the quarrels come thick and fast, and once it continues his love would also start fading away. There are some things everyone expects from his or her partner once he or she steps in a relationship, but no one can stand the frequent quarrels in name of love. There should be a thing called mutual understanding between two people and if it’s missing, the relationship will break right away. Especially for men, it is really unbearable to face regular quarrels in life instead of love and understanding.

She’s occupying his space: This is probably one of the worst things happens in a relationship. A woman keeps coming in her man’s space all the time. You can’t control someone’s life just because you are in a relationship. A man needs some space where he goes to reset his sanity, his deepest thoughts and find solutions to curtain problem. Disturbing his space would definitely leave him angry and can make him fall out of love in a long time.

Being overly dramatic: Men love women who know how to keep their own happiness in check and display plenty of positivity. With time, if the woman starts over thinking and overestimating everything and turns everything into a problem, men will see this as a problematic drama. When women are constantly dramatic, men will associate them with negativity. There is nothing wrong being emotional, but being overly sensitive and dramatic all the time can make your man fall out of love easily.

sfewEnd of the honeymoon periods: One of the most common complaints we heard from man is ‘things aren’t the same between us anymore’. Some men get used to with the honeymoon period that they start grading the entire relationship by that standard. So, when the reality hits and honeymoon period ends, they come back down to earth. He isn’t developed enough emotionally to understand that the honeymoon period at the beginning of a relationship isn’t supposed to last forever. This might make him fall out of love.

Ups and downs are part of the relationship. Sometimes you’re high in the sky and sometimes on earth but never let your relationship underground.

Any problem can be solved if both partners respect and understand the individuals.

Do you guys know any other such point?

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