The Confused World

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I was going for a walk a few days ago, the snow was falling and the park I visited seemed so beautiful…Everything was white and looked precious. I couldn’t ignore one thought which I think will interest you too. I saw some teenagers drinking wine literally at 12 p.m. It seems like something has changed since I was a child… And you know what, I am sure that the whole world globally is working to hide the God and real values from people.

They are judging His existence all the time. From where to start? They have made the biggest lie ever! Have you realized, and I am sure that you have, how everything that is happening in the world is trying to eliminate the picture of a God? They are doing everything in their power to convince people that He doesn’t exist! But, who else can and should create life? Only God is capable of that. I just took another look at those beautiful trees covered with snow.

11 What we learned in school was confusing at that age. Male and female are the chance products of evolution? Also, they cannot be determined by human choice. Why am I saying this? You know, I had some neighbors who had two sons and were desperately trying to have a daughter. They did all those ”scientifically proven” facts to get one. They looked desperate and ridiculous. And, how it ended? They got twins. They got two boys. Now, they have four sons. What are scientists doing is that they are telling that God is some sort of a liar, and trying to dehumanize it, so people would be able to follow everything that this world serves them on a plate. What is served on that plate, I will tell you later, but you can easily guess it yourself.

Man is trying to play God himself, but it doesn’t look well and it will never be! Have you realized how by each generation there are more and more people who are being criticized by the judgments of the others and being reassured by their false beliefs? We are under a pressure constantly to exaggerate the truth to impress someone. But who? Our ego? Their ego? Social media are also creating some huge pressure to perform some things instead to leave all bad behaviors behind. It seems like people who are behaving badly are being understood as famous, cool or you name it.

22We became a bunch of a mass which goes along with what others say and want us to do and later in life we totally lose our conscious about knowing ”who is in the room” actually. Filtering our decisions to the sights of the other people, it seems like we have lost the tendency to cut up what other people think of us? I hope that you haven’t recognized yourself in this statement. But, if you have, keep reading and try to go back to the right path where you belong. We became prisoners of what people think of us when they see us or what will they tell us.

Are we living in a constant fear of judgmental minds which have actually taken us as prisoners? Or who did this to us? Do you have a low self-esteem because you are obsessed with social media? Instagram is showing that everybody looks better than you, right? Facebook is trying to convince you that you will never have enough friends. You are comparing yourself to others all the time! Pinterest is telling you how horrible was your wedding party. Youtube? It will teach you how to live your life! Twitter?

Learn to judge others, for free! We are adopting such habits with time, it doesn’t happen overnight. Yes, social media can have a great revolution but it definitely changes the way we see one another. It is impossible not to realize how people easily fall once they get just a little piece of fame. They become someone else, not true to themselves. They are afraid of losing their followers, so they will act how the crowd expects them to act. Also, those people won’t ever talk about the topics which matter to the world. They speak about what others want to hear from their mouths-what the others believe is more important than to spread the words of truth and wisdom. Once you are born in nowadays world, you can expect that you will always be hated by many, and the love of others will fade with time. People are hating each other for no reasons. It may be jealousy for example. Greed. You know what I am talking about. You need to be brave enough to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Your morals are ones that shape you. Don’t be a prisoner and don’t stay in those caves, just because everybody wants you to be there.

34e If you don’t stand up, what else can we expect from this world? What do we have now? Corrupted Judge, corrupted politicians, corrupted celebrities, leaders and lawyers and the list can go on forever. I know that you may be going through a hard time, but be brave, as the God is, and stand up for what you believe in! So, what would be the best way to deal with an unfree world? You need to become absolutely free and to realize that your existence is an act of rebellion. Fake news is all around the globe, you don’t know what is the truth anymore, the world is confusing you all the time! Wake up! You have your inner voice! The whole planet is covered with blood because it seems like the devil is buying our world. Or did humans sold it themselves? Paganism spreads like a virus all around the globe, everything is corrupted. Government steals, lies, cheats… A man thinks that he is a God. He plays a game. There are so many sects which grow beasts in their temples.

You need to remember that you don’t have to be a part of this game! You don’t have to do drugs and watch some crappy programs on TV! Yes, you have a choice! You don’t need to use their banks and to eat that unhealthy fast food! What can you do? Live as you should live! First of all, stop spreading the evil and suffering in the world. Exercise your body and train your mind. Are you too weak to resist? Then, it would be the best not to bring another child into this world. Are we asking for too much?

You actually don’t even need to be religious to realize how there is a constant fight between good and evil, right and wrong… It is served on a plate every single day! Yes, the false flags may appear but they just hide people behind their true faces. I think that atheist community actually still doesn’t recognize how removing a God from the whole picture of life had and still has huge consequences. Sadly, it seems like there is no way back. What else to say? You can see it by yourself.

The rate of unmarried mothers for example. It’s all on the whole new level! Some fake diseases are created, which have a purpose to discredit some targeted individuals.

352Who are they targeting? Are they targeting those who are awake to this fake system?

Are those people who are actually normal and have a great conscious being called psychopaths and locked in mental institutions?

Are you a prisoner or a fighter?

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