They are teaching society to worship electronic Gods

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Today, it’s alarming how electronic gadgets are given much priority over good old fashioned human interaction. How many of you can go even one hour without using the internet, or turning on the TV? In addition to that, no tutoring is required for you to know how to use the internet, text, turn on the TV and everyone does not want to be left behind in this modern craze. Being unable to let go caused an addiction which has recently been documented in medical books as mental illness. Maybe if we track back to the beginning the problem might be identified. Who makes the virtual world so important to us?

The dawn of computers

The origin of the internet began with development of computers which were only in big science labs, no personal computers yet. As more improvements on internet was made and more computers being produced, more people could go online though not everyone because of a limited stock. It was then that multinational organizations realized this buried treasure and started to make cheaper computers, smartphones and televisions that could access the internet and still be carried around easily.

ddfEntrepreneurs could easily join the dots and knew exactly what to do: endless production of games, movies, music, turning libraries to softcopy downloadable ones, and even keeping people’s minds captive. In the end, as more services turned to online in order to beat competition, people started to think that the internet and computer technology is the greatest thing that ever happened. Less than half a century later, almost everyone you know is capable of accessing the internet from a smart device.

However, electronic Gods is not confined to internet and smartphones alone. They are things which we use at home, either manual or automated intended for “everyday use”. Such include refrigerators, electric cards, the DVD, gaming consoles, cameras, karaoke machines, etc.

Addiction to technology

The market is now filled with gadgets from a lot of different brands; LG, Apple, Samsung, etc. And it is surprising how with each upgrade the price also seems to drop and there’s a gold rush to get the latest ones before they go out of stock. While it may be good to flaunt the latest electronic devices, it disheartens that our attempts to make life easier is turning into an addiction. In the end, we get bored with what we have and put it into the trash can. But how come we don’t realize how much trouble we are in? Sometimes things are just too attractive that we follow blindly and don’t stop for a second to think.

23y Online products – social network platforms, news centers, shopping stores, gaming hubs, TV series, etc. – are just too good that we cannot do a day without them. We hurt deep within but with each use, end up masking ourselves with a short-lived OK feeling creating an endless cycle. At the same time, research reveals that social sites such as Facebook and Instagram promote ego enhancing practices and easily leads one to be self-centered. This is something that is commonly noted in millennials who on average will pick their mobile up to 150 times each day. With so many application to feed our ego, no one will want to miss out on the latest trends. Some make it as easy as just a single tap and whatever you want is brought straight to you.

Masters of deception

Before we move along, how come none is complaining to the fact that manufacturers are lying to us? A lot of things are hidden in plain truth. For instance, advertisements make things look appealing but never show the negative sides of any product. Of course there are dire side-effects accompanying the endless use of technology but aren’t told about them. Is anything OK when you get replaced by a robot? People are losing jobs because of this and when companies say robots are more efficient that humans, we nod and go on with our activities.

23Is the future digital?

Is it really that easy to quit technology at one go? We all know that the more people access internet, more income is generated to sustain our ever-blooming economy. Technology that was meant to make life simpler is started manipulating us long time ago. But to what ends?

How long until we realize that we are giving technology too much credit yet we can do away with such temporary pleasures?

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