Countries with the most beautiful women in the world

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Our world today is filled with different kind of people. People of different backgrounds, origins and faces. People with different styles, traditions and shapes of facial features. The world is filled with diversity: this is the beauty of nature and God’s creation. In our differences lies beauty. Hence, the ancient English adage: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” With the diversity of our physiques, different people have different ideas of who they consider to be the most beautiful race.

scv However, we should remember that beauty is not all about the physical appearance, but what’s inside a person. This is because a beautiful inside can create a more beautiful outside, so don’t feel any less than other people. Media personalities and advertisers shower us with societies’ idea of beauty daily. TV shows have even been hosted to show people who society deems beautiful. This calls for an urgent need to try and understand the term “beauty”.

Many people and even experience in the perception of beauty. For example, historian George Bancroft said, “Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite.” There is the casual term “beautiful” which is an expression of a positive opinion. This simply means that when some people say beautiful they find something to be wonderful, great or they simply like it because it is pleasurable to them. Therefore, it is generally agreed that, people associate beauty with things that bring enjoyment to them.

While others associate beauty with a property of a person or object that offers them enduring satisfaction and pleasure; that which strikes a balance of pleasurable properties and is in harmony with nature. This therefore means that when we say something (or someone) is beautiful we are recommending that we find it appealing to us.

sadfv Well, one thing is clear: beauty is to be regarded dearly by human beings as a value. People value, desire and engage with beauty, simply because it is beautiful. Considering the fact that beautiful women exist from all over the world, it is quite difficult to conclude that one nation’s women’s relative beauty are superior than that of another nation. However, world’s atlas has attempted to rank such physical characteristics by means of ranking countries by the sum of their title-holders in two of the world’s most competitive international beauty pageants i.e. the Miss World and Miss Universe.

Well, Venezuela has taken the lead in the ranking due to the high number of Miss World and Miss Universe winners hailing from this country. A staggering number of 7 Miss Universe winners and 6 Miss World winners have been found to come from the South American nation of Venezuela. Clearly, Latino women appear to have among them some of the most beautiful women in the world. Next in the rank is the United States with 8 Miss Universe winners and 3 Miss World winners. It is then followed by India in the third position with 2 Miss Universe and 5 Miss World. Since time immemorial, Indian women have been celebrated and loved for their elegant beauty and radiant looks.

adavThe definition of Indian’s beauty is associated with dynamism, with the mind-blogging ethnic diversity of India being reflected in the distinctive appearance of the country’s beautiful ladies. The spectacular Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico has emerged in the fourth position producing equally spectacular women who have won universal appreciation for their incredible beauty. We can’t forget Swedish women when it comes to beauty as the country has grabbed the fifth position. They are often seen as both beautiful and independent.

Finally, in terms of beautiful women the United Kingdom ranks sixth in the world, gifting the world the opportunity to appreciate the exquisite beauties of 5 ladies who went to win the title of Miss World for their country. However, this leaves the question that, “Is beauty based on a personal criteria or on consensus?”. And if we are to debate on the universality of beauty, then I guess in the end we shall all agree that beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder and not based on consensus.

sdfOften, it is always our personal experiences that do define who we find good- looking or ugly and since they are so intimate, we can strongly disagree with someone who on a photograph resembles us. We can now all agree that all the things we define and find attractive are totally inspired by experiences that are distinctive to us and there is not even one shared element between them: not even the emotions or basic concept attached to them seem compatible.

We can therefore conclude that, we can select our own criteria for beauty and have a command over our self-image based on our personal experiences.

What does the objects and people we find to be beautiful say about us?

Would the world as we know it be a better place if everyone agreed on who or what to label as beautiful?

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