The 15 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2018

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If you are wondering about some great and new travel experience, but want to do it on the budget, you are at the right place! We will introduce you the best places which won’t break your bank. Once I show you these marvelous destinations, you won’t ask yourself where to travel in the next year ever again! The New Year is just around the corner, and everybody is making their plans and wishes. What do you want to do differently in the next year? To save money? To explore some new places? Great ideas! We will help you to achieve your goals! I won’t take any more of your time, I know that you are excited, so let’s start!

1.Mexico. What makes it easy to travel to Mexico on the budget is that the exchange rate now between its peso and the currencies like euro or dollar are greatly favorable today than they were before. What can you see there? Awesome beaches and wonderful desert canyons! A room costs literally $20 per night.

Mexi2.Nepal. Want to see the Sun rising up over the Himalayas? Who doesn’t! If you are an adventurer, you can go there for only $30 per day. Sleep or eat at the tea houses which are totally exotic.

3.Georgia. Here, I am talking about the country which is in the Caucasus. This great place will offer you various interesting cultural and natural attractions. The cost of the room per day is the same as for Mexico.

4.Indonesia. What to say here then to remind you of the white beaches and jungles. Oh, and the savannas, too! Also, you will meet the orangutans here.

5.Portugal. This country is experiencing the tourism boom in the latest years! If your first thought of it is the capital city, try to explore more, and you will be surprised how much can you see!

6.Nicaragua. If you wanted to go to Costa Rica, but don’t have money for it, don’t worry! Nicaragua will offer you the same experience and for a much lower price!

7.Morocco. A well-known most stable country located in the North Africa. Are you a backpacker? Then you will be amazed to see how many motels they have for very low prices.

moroco8.Bolivia. Literally South’s America cheapest country to visit. Besides being the cheapest, it is also one of the most interesting places to explore! They have the traditional indigenous culture which will amaze you.

9.Colombia. It wasn’t cheap to visit it a few years ago. But, it seems now that it will be 30% cheaper than it was years before. Why don’t you use this offer to feel the great taste of the South America continent?

10.The Balkans. Every budget-conscious traveler will tell how Balkan is full of stunning natural beauties and also amazingly cheap. Meet their culture and taste the great food!

11.Cambodia. Almost every traveler comes to see the vast temple complex here. It is located around the Angor Wat. Feel the spirit of the ancient Khmer empire for the affordable price!

3e12.Cuba. The popularity of this place is growing among the tourists. If you want to get the local experience for the cheapest price, this is your perfect choice!

13.Guatemala. Adventurous people always recommend visiting this wonderful destination. If you want to experience the travel paradise, this destination won’t disappoint you.

14.Thailand. It is very popular among the travelers and always has been. When thinking about it, you don’t think that it could be a cheap journey, right? But it is, you can get a room for only $5, and if you want a hotel which has a swimming pool, you can get its room for only $30.

15.Ukraine. This is definitely the cheapest destination in Europe. What travelers like here the most is the city of Odessa which is located on the Black Sea.

Kiev city, Ukraine

Kiev city, Ukraine

Excited? I am too. What will be your next traveling destination?

Do you wonder why people spend so much money even when they have alternatives?

Maybe they are not informed enough?

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