11 Style Mistakes young women make

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Have you ever noticed how you get a different impression of a person when that person is dressed properly? Or what is the impression you get when a person puts on clothes that don’t fit him or her? Yes, clothes matter. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to explain to you how to dress in the latest fashion, but there are some rules you need to know. Here, I will talk about the most usual mistakes young women make when it comes to style.

1.Wearing too-high heels. You can take French women for example. Have you ever seen a classy French young lady trying to look like Lady Gaga? It will seem literally awkward, and don’t think that it will just make you look taller. High-heels with 2 inches will suit you perfectly.

high-heels-12.Fluoro. Wearing some big bright shiny t-shirt won’t make you look cool, but rather like a disco ball. If you really a fan of fluoro clothes, try to resist! Trust me.

3.Wearing a push-up bra. You are old enough to start loving your body. Small breasts are sexy too. Don’t wear a push-up bra because it is visible and won’t fit your figure. Mother nature knew why she gave you such proportions. You are perfect the way you are! Instead of that, try to find a bra which will fit you perfectly, and of course-take care of your health and check your breasts on a regular basis.

4.Being someone’s commercial. If you are wearing clothes and accessorizes with the same brand or name, we have bad news for you. You look like a commercial! Thought that you look luxurious that way? Luxury is all about how you wear your clothes, not about the name or brand. It is okay to wear one thing with a name if you really like it.

5.Sparkling things all around. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree right? Then, don’t wear those ultra shiny earnings with that ultra shiny bracelet. Trust me, it will totally take the attention off your face. No one could actually notice anything else except those shiny accessories. If you have the urge to wear it, then choose one accessory and wear it only for night outs.

adsfd6.Morag clothes. Be honest, at least once you put on some clothes which made you look like a 40-year-old woman. Don’t rush, you will be that age someday. If you are not into fashion, try with some plain clothes which will fit your body.

7.The orange foundation. I am sure that you know what I am talking about here. You are young, your skin is healthy and looks fresh. If it doesn’t, don’t cover it with tons of foundation, but rather visit the dermatologist. Also, if you really want or need to put your foundation on, then be sure that you choose the right shade for your skin. Let someone who works in a makeup store advice you.

8.Mysterious pants. I am sure that you have already imagined those, and yes I am talking about plop-in-your-pants pants. It literally looks like you have done a poo in your pants, or at least that you are wearing diapers. Choose some jeans instead.

9.Copying some famous person. It is perfectly fine to find an inspiration while taking a look at some magazines or surfing the internet, but don’t try to look like someone else. Instead of that, start to work on your unique style.

10.Walking around half naked. I think that every young has done this in her life. Why do you want to walk half naked? Yes, you will be noticed, but not in the right contents. If you are thinking about leaving your house in a top and ultra short shorts, don’t do it. You need to cover at least one part of your body. Proud of your legs? Okay then, wear shorts, but not too short ones. And of course, the top is out in this combination.

adcxz11.Makeup. The last but not the least. I have already talked about the wrong foundation, but there is more here to mention. Looking like a clown! If you are wearing tons of mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, with some noticeable lipstick, you will end up looking either like a clown or a panda! If you want your eyes to pop up, then wear a neutral lip gloss. And please, don’t put too much mascara. You are young and pretty just by being young and you don’t need that much makeup. If you like sparkly eyeshadows, wear them to parties.

Why young ladies hurry to become adults?

Is that because we have so much mass-medias that those literally do the brainwashing?

Okay, we all went through that phase. But, girls, now you have the internet, why wouldn’t you read from the right sources? Do you want to be a lady or someone’s pale copy?

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