21 best Gifts Under $50 For Friends & Family Who Needs A Little Something

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, and it seems like everyone is thinking about presents! If you aren’t a person who buys gifts for these special occasions, maybe you are wondering how to surprise someone for their birthday, for example your loved one for the anniversary or you name it. But what to buy for those people who actually have everything?

You know, when I ask someone what do they need, and when they say that they don’t need anything, I stay confused wondering what do buy them. Then, I realized how there are so many ”little things” which can make someone’s life better! So, here’s my list!

Overhead shot of Christmas presents and wrapping papers

1.Interesting personal stationery. You will never make a mistake if you buy someone an organizer. Everyone needs one. Try to pick one which has some interesting quote on it. It will cost you approximately $30.

2.Puzzles. Remember when your friend was so excited when he/she came home from his/her trip to Paris? Those puzzles can be later framed into a picture. It will cost you around $45.

3.Funny slippers. Imagine your friend waking up and putting on his interesting slippers. It will make him smile definitely, first thing in the morning! You can buy those slippers for under $40.

4.A makeup bag. If you are buying a gift for a woman, it would be a great choice to choose something like this. I would recommend those that have a print which says:”Better to arrive late than ugly!”

5.A bottle of champagne. Have you ever heard a person that said no to a bottle of bubbly? Me neither. Get it for $17.

dfds6.Gloves. Yes, gloves, but not any gloves, cashmere ones! Their moms won’t be worried ever again if they are cold. This gift will cost you under $50.

7.Inspirational bracelet. If someone’s year was tough, comfort them with an inspirational bracelet. Let them remind themselves that things will get better.

8.Live olive tree. If someone didn’t know that they can easily grow an olive tree inside a house, then convince them how wrong they were. Get it for only $35.

9.Domino set. Have you forgotten about that board game? Why won’t you make someone nostalgic about his/her childhood and remind them of the good old times?

10.A candle holder. This thing will turn an ordinary dinner into something very extravagant. Spend $43 and make someone’s meal special!

11.A candle. Not some ordinary candle, but campfire one. Do you know someone who doesn’t enjoy the smell of the campfire? Me neither!

12.Teapot. Get a teapot which will satisfy any aesthetic for only $45.

13.Makeup palettes. Every woman dreams of getting a makeup palette, trust me. Choose the colors which will highlight her features! You can buy it for approximately $20.

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14.Chopsticks. Do you know that the Star Wars chopsticks exist? May the force be with your loved one on sushi night. Literally the cheapest gift on this list, you can get it online for only $14.

15.Multi-use tool. Yes, I have talked about makeup, and makeup bags too. But, what about men? If you have a ”Mr.Fix It” in your life, this is a perfect gift. It contains a hammer, a wire cutter, a saw and much more. Great surprise for only $35.

16.Glass water bottle. Do you have a workout buddy? Keep him hydrated! Get an interesting bottle for only $15.

17.Bamboo mouse and keyboard. Well, if you know me, buy me this. Yes, I am kidding, but who would stay indifferent to this present? You can get it for $48.

18.A tie. Everyone knows that men in ties look great. Even if your loved one doesn’t wear ties, buy him one with an interesting pattern. Get it for only $20.

19.Himalayan salt candles. Your introvert friend always needs ”more me” time? This is a perfect choice for such a person. These candles are cheap, around $20.

2320.Adult coloring book. Do you know that coloring is very recommended by the psychologists? It calms down a person, clears its mind and freshes the ideas. Get it for only $25.

21.Salad Servers. I don’t anyone who bought this by himself/herself. It is up to you to buy them! Get this gift for only $20.

What kind of gifts surprise people the most?

Those which are anyhow connected to their personality?

Yes, that is what I believe, too.

What would be the perfect gift someone can give you?

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