Is World War 3 a Part of the Plan to Depopulate the Earth?

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Each day you hear of terrorist wars which never end, missiles launched here and there luckily none lands on your home as the day ends. Who are we fighting against? As it seems, these wars never ends and innocent people are brutally murdered each day and many are left with strings of endless questions. Maybe we are just a pawn on a bigger picture and haven’t made that realization yet. Just like any other battles, there has to be casualties and your guess is as good as mine.

3dsThe elites of society go scot free as the unfortunate people are left to murder each other in cold blood. It can as well be the dawn on WORLD WAR 3! Is there a group of people who want our planet all to themselves? By steering agendas of depopulation such as abortion, genetically engineered foodstuff which cause unmentionable illnesses, creation of nuclear weapons and such like, we would be our own poison. It is true that the moment the planets population hits 11 billion, then we all would be under the wrath of Mother Nature. But what if people devised a way of depopulating the earth?

Won’t world war 3 be a perfect explanation that will even blind the most learned from the truth? Events are right for the commencement of WWIII. From hair raising missile nuclear confrontations which threaten humanity to the subtlest peace treaties, nations are gearing up for WWIII.

Should we expect doomsday?

A popular theory about the origin of WWIII is the Illuminati and their resistance to Christianity or any form of religion that does not conform to its practices. More than 70% of the world’s population is affiliated to a given religion and this would only sprout religious wars. Bible scholars will say that such events have already been foretold and should happen within our lifetime. Nevertheless, it would wipe out more than 5 billion from the face of the earth leaving only around 500 million survivors if we take into scale the disastrous capability of army weapons at present. Wars can also start when one nation trespass the territory of another. It is possible that this could be a deliberate move so that nuclear weapons sitting idle in the armory come to life. However, a lot of things in the modern world don’t happen by accidents but rather are behind-the-scenes puppetry by top government officials.


Less than one billion people worldwide

Take this into scenario. If all the attempts to depopulate the earth bear fruit, what next? Will life just continue as normal or how will human existence be affected? To perfectly understand this use the example of what happened during the Black Death between 1346 and 1353 in Europe and the Mediterranean. Claiming more than 200 million lives, the population drastically dropped by more than 50% leaving behind an overflowing amount of resources. But is there any problem with that? Wouldn’t the situation be a blessing to the elites within society? On the contrary, it was a sore situation that left peasants with more than they normally had; more wealth, more land, less competition for labor, increased market and so forth. What should have been a curse to peasants turned out to be a blessing, as they now were capable of rubbing shoulders with authority at the slightest provocation. On the other hand, the rulers had to appease the “peasants” in order to gain their loyalty lest they pledge allegiance to another ruler with better deals. In the end, the Black Death gave peasants the upper hand and would revolt at the slightest cause.


If depopulation doesn’t work for the elite’s won’t they opt for overpopulation? It would be the perfect way to force families to have many kids and kill the rest before they even reach adulthood. Anyway, isn’t it easier to drive large masses against themselves and create bogus conspiracy theories which blind people from reality?

sadfThe truth shall set you free

The endpoint in black and white is: no matter what we do, we are each other’s keeper and the consequences of depopulation are far too dire even for those who will survive the purge. Wake up people! Don’t be used to drive the cause of another man only to miss out on the good things in life.

Instead let us embrace humanity and all you believe in.

If the war starts, do you know how it will end?

What next after depopulation?

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