Are women aware of the HPV disease?

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You will now read my life story. I don’t have anything to hide. But, I would like to change your opinion about health and taking care of yourself. When I was young, I didn’t care much about being informed about sexually transmitted diseases. I heard about HIV of course, and that was it. I was 17 years old then, didn’t have the internet, my parents never talked about sex and we didn’t have any sex education at school. I had a boyfriend then, my first love.

hpvWhen the time passed and we were in a relationship for almost a year, I decided that it is the time to be intimate with him. I trusted him, didn’t know much about sex etc. He was the same. From the title of this article, you can easily guess what happened to me, right? Yes, I got HPV virus. At first, I didn’t know what was going on with me, I thought I was just sick all the time, like having a flue which never stops. I felt tired too. Will continue my personal experience after I inform you about this virus.

The HPV’s full name is the human papillomavirus. It affects the skin and also mucous membranes. Although there are literally more than 100 types of it, I would like to tell you that there are the types which have high-risk, and the others which have low-risk (they just show off on your genitals). What does this virus do is that it causes common warts.

You are not safe if you use the condom, it is transmitted from skin to skin. The high-risk types can cause some kinds of cancer, including cervical cancer, which is most common. Did you know that more than 80% of women and 50% of men have this virus? You don’t know if you have it until you test yourself. You can see it if it appears, but you can also carry it in your body for years not knowing to have it. Once your immunity becomes low, it will show itself. You will get abnormal Pap test results. I hope that you are visiting your gynecologist and checking yourself once per year. Pap test will save your life! It will show if you have some changes on your cervix, and then your doctor will suspect on the HPV virus.

ewde Now, I will continue my personal story. I visited my gynecologist, who told me that I have HPV virus. I was so frightened and out of my mind. He sent me and my boyfriend to check ourselves. Luckily, we had low-risk types. How can you fight against it? Literally, there is no way. The virus stays in your body your whole life, it only depends if it is in an active or a passive stage. What did I do to keep it under control? Checked myself and did the Pap test since then two times per year. Luckily, everything was fine later, but, the first time I got it I was under so many medications that my stomach haven’t recovered since then.

I got gastritis and later on, GERB. My immunity was so low that as the time passed, I got some new allergies-ambrosia, pollen, dust. How I stopped all that? I worked on my immunity. I stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, started working out and eating healthy. Since then, I didn’t have any problems. That boyfriend is now my husband, and we do not have any troubles with HPV anymore.

Talk with your children! Don’t think that they are too young to have sex, and don’t pretend that they are not mature enough for such conversations! If you already have high-risk of the HPV virus, I would recommend you to check yourself three times per year. One more thing I want to say to you.

I have told you that the condom doesn’t prevent the HPV. It doesn’t.

sdgWhat to do when you get a new partner? Recommend him to check himself first. I know that sounds ridiculous, but are you aware in what kind of a danger you are putting yourself?

Also, if he is not willing to check himself, what kind of a boyfriend or a husband would that man later be?

Care about your health!

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