What sexy mean to you?

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We use the word ”sexy” so much nowadays, don’t even asking ourselves what do we mean by that. If you have friends and relatives, maybe a family, and I am sure that you do, have you realized that meaning of sexy is basically different from person to person? Well, at the start, I may admit that I am glad about that. Imagine that all people think that the term of sexy means the same. What a boring world would that be, I cannot even imagine…

342Sexy stands for some certain set of traits which describes it in both women and men. When you take a look at nowadays world, you can see that sexy means having nice abbs, being in great shape, maybe gorgeous hear or you name it. It is impossible to claim that all sexy people have many things in common, right? What do you think from where the ideas of sexuality come from to your brain? From social media for example? What about the TV? Commercials?

You got the point. When I’ve asked my daughter who is the most beautiful man in the world (I didn’t use the word sexy because she is only 5-years-old), she answered to me that it is David Beckham. Yes, he is a very beautiful man, but why would she think like that? When she asked me what I think about it, I said that I think that Jim Morrison is the most beautiful man in the world. And by beautiful, I meant sexy, of course. She looked at him and told me that he looks very old-fashioned.

12Wow, what a vocabulary she has for that age! I was impressed by that, but not with her answer of David Beckham. I somehow expected it. I won’t talk about a fact that sexuality is coming from the inside, not outside, but actually, it makes sense. Imagine a man or a woman who are perfectly shaped, tall (if you prefer tall people), with beautiful and glowing skin, who always look fresh, having some perfect hairstyle which matches their face and so on… Oh, yes, I forgot about the clothes. Imagine the perfect clothes too. Almost every single person would look at them, at least with an edge of the eye.

Let’s say you start talking with them and then you realize that those people don’t have any charisma at all. Literally, their looks fades in a minute. Take a look through the history… What men think about women’s sexuality? They wanted a woman who would now be considered fat. They claimed for that look that it is sexy because it seems fertile and healthy. What are we trying to find in people today? Empty boxes with perfect hair? If you ask me, and I am sure that many people would agree, you don’t know anymore who is sexy or beautiful and who is not.

gfgh'There are too many cosmetics and makeup and sometimes I find myself in embarrassing situations. I had a friend at a college and she was wearing so much makeup every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I use it too, but I don’t transform myself to look like someone I am not. One day, my friend came without makeup and I didn’t even recognize her. I didn’t even say hello to her. Why people put their masks on? What do they hide? The second thing, the plastic surgeries are on the rise.

Why? Why are people so under their own pressure to look the best they can even if they are not themselves later?

Or the pressure is coming from the media?

Has the meaning of being sexy become more important than being charming?

What about the charisma?

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