Satanic Blue whale Challenge

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What was your first thought when you read the title? A well-known whale, right? Well, I would like to say that I am going to write about that, but unfortunately, I won’t. When you try to recall some memories of your childhood, what were the games you played with your friends? Hide and seek, soccer, basketball in the district maybe?

11 Well, the things have changed. This game is a sort of the challenge game which has been linked to plenty of deaths around the globe. The most frightening thing is that it is played among the children. Police in the United Kingdom claims that they have discovered great amounts of deaths which are linked to this horrible ”game”.

The youngsters have literally been swayed to kill themselves through the sick social media accounts. This may sound so complicated, but actually, it is very simple, but yet strange. What is a blue whale challenge? A sort of the twisted suicide challenge. It appears to catch the vulnerable teenagers into committing a suicide.

My hands are literally shaking while I am writing the total numbers of deaths this trickery brought. There were at least 130 teenager deaths that were linked with this challenge. The victims were mostly from the Russia, which the UK’s police has discovered. Now, they are working on that case and warning the parents around the state and also the globe. So, how does that game looks like? It is believed that this game is actually a social media group which encourages people to kill themselves.

33The things got very serious and there started to appear literally thousands of posts related to this challenge on the sick trend on Instagram. You know much people and most of all the young people use Instagram, right? So, what happens here is that the group of the administrators make some daily tasks to the selected victims, which they need to complete. They need to end with all of the tasks within the 50 days. Such tasks can be described as self-harming, watching some horrible movies (horrors for example or psycho-trillers), waking up in the middle of the night etc. It starts with this, but with time such tasks get more violent.

What happens when the 50 days tasks end? Then, the administrators urge the youngsters to commit the suicide. But, why would someone play such a game? It is because children are really committed to the crowd, and the great amount of them are very insecure, which happens the most when they hit their teen years.

Low self-esteem, wanting to belong somewhere, proving something to someone and this list can go on for so long. You were a teenager, and you know how you felt in those days, right? A horrible story which I cannot believe is happening in the 21st century. What about the parents? Where are they? Are we giving too much freedom to our youngsters thinking that they need to find a solution alone for everything in their lives? If the answer is yes, then the education is wrong.

78Obviously, whoever is behind such an idea is not mentally healthy.

Are we going to read more about this or are we going to stop this horrible tragedy to rise?

Do you know your child enough?

Are you aware of the threats that are lurking on the Internet?

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