How Kids Are Affected By Life With A Single Mom

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions family? A mother, a father, and children, right? Well, we are biologically programmed to imagine such picture, because that is how it is supposed to look like. But, in the nowadays world the race of the divorces is rising each day.

Young Mother Showing her Son how to Play Guitar

There are so many single mothers who are raising their kids alone. There are also plenty of dads who are struggling with the same thing each day. Here, we will discuss how the living with a single mom affects kids, but the study is about the moms who decided to have their children on their own and to raise them alone.

It was believed for so long that such upbringing can cause a lot of damage to the children. They do not have a father role while growing up, they don’t see how healthy relationship should look like, mom doesn’t always have time for everything because she has to do it all by herself etc. For so many years scientists even connected gay population with those families in which boys were raised with single moms. But, such term is so complicated and still not discovered fully, so no one can claim that a boy will become gay because he lived without a proper father role his whole life.

Okay, let’s see what have the new research brought to us! A life with a single-parent household won’t affect children behavior as it was believed before for so many decades! It won’t affect their negative behavior too. This study was implemented carefully, comparing those children who were raised in a traditional healthy family with two heterosexual parents, and to those kids who were raised by a single mom only.

The study also shows that there won’t be any differences in children later development in life. What was researched here the most are the things which really matter-a child’s relationship with a parent, social support network for mothers and of course the child’s well-being. So, single mothers don’t need to be afraid if they want to make such decision. The study tested those women who decided on their own to raise their children alone.

Mother consoling sad daughter (6-7)

If someone wants to have a child for herself, she either does it by adoption or by nowadays well-developed fertility treatments, sperm donations etc. Some women also decide to adopt twin brothers or sisters, or just brothers and sisters with different ages. The study showed that all of the children went out fine and that they didn’t have much difference to those who were raised in a traditional family with two parents. We talked here about the facts of the single moms who made such choice by themselves.

But, what with those that went through the trauma of divorce or even worse, a death of the husband? Well, there is a difference here. The trauma may cause the harder raising up of the children. Those kids are affected too and most of the times separated to the two sides, at least emotionally.

What causes then a kid to have some issues while growing up? It mostly happens because of a child-parent troubled relationship. It isn’t connected with the absence of the father anymore. Don’t forget that I am talking about mothers who made a decision on their own, as I have already explained that.

s4What will this research bring to women who are thinking about adopting a child and raising it alone or to those who are going through the fertility treatments?

Will such decisions be made more?

What makes women decide to raise up their children alone? Independence?

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