How to better the World from your desk

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When thinking about making an impact in the world, it is very obvious that it is not an easy task. If definitely requires commitment, dedication, ideas and having some power, right? Well, it may be that way, but it doesn’t have to be like that always. First of all, you don’t need to have some huge power to change something. What should you do? And I know that you can guess the answer. First of all, you should meet yourself and your capabilities.

dee Luckily, we live in the 21st century, which offers us to be connected with almost all people around the globe. When thinking about the internet and social media, you have probably read so many inspirational stories from other people. Did those stories change you in a good way? Sure they did. Maybe you had a bad day and wanted to quit your job or to get divorced, or you name it… But, you read some story or heard someone’s experience and it changed your mind

! Am I saying that you need to do the same? Well, yes. Imagine that the whole world is your audience. You have some social media accounts, I am convinced about that. Take a look at your friend lists, posts you are sharing daily, images that you are uploading. Nowadays generations are growing up in a world where everything is served on a plate. If some kid wants to find out how relationships function, he or she will easily google it and get a lot of information which may confuse them in various ways. What is your opinion about the internet is the most crucial part here.

234 Do you think that it has more useful parts than those which are harmful to people’s behavior? You know what, if you want to be a hero, then you can be it! There is definitely something you want to share with other people to make this world a better place! For example, when the discussions about a war start, try to be someone who calms down the crowd. Humans interact very freely because they think that there won’t be any consequences for their behavior.

Well, it’s just internet, right? It’s not a real life! But, what happens with such convictions is horrible. I always think about future generations. I don’t even know how are they thinking nowadays. They don’t need to find the solutions and make ideas, because all of the information can be found easily. Start a blog. Yes, definitely, that is how people change the world from their desk. Make a charity social media page and help people who need money to be treated.

v6yMake groups or pages where you will encourage people to donate the things they don’t need. That is how we do it, in my city. It works, trust me. Are you maybe a music lover who enjoys playing guitar? Record yourself and put it on YouTube, helping some kid who wants to become Joe Satriani. It can be related of course to any hobby you have.

What would happen if all kind people start to act like this?

How would it change the world?

Will it change it because so many humans will have the proper role model?

I think yes.

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