Finding your path in a corporate world

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At least once in your life, you have said that you just want to be happy. Everyone has said that. Nothing new. But, what makes you happy? Being rich? Freedom? Or being successful and cherished around the same people? In nowadays world, everything is about the money and success, and it is very easy for someone to lose their path. People also tend to lose themselves while trying to fit in. First of all, you will need to take some alone time to ask yourself some serious questions about your personality.

Stylish employer

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Are you a materialist or minimalist?

How to find the right path that will suit you in a corporate world?

Let’s say that you know someone, and you probably do, who was or is a corporate HR for even ages. What that person does mostly everyday is that he or she sits at various meetings with the recruiting managers in his/her company and mostly reviews the resumes with them together. Those people can be explained as standard, well-dressed, well-educated and highly motivated people who look very professional.

But, what if you are not such a person? What if you are full of great ideas which would you do with a great passion but you just don’t look as the ”cookie-cutter” person? First of all, don’t step aside. People who are not box-shaped can also be very successful in this area. It mostly happens that people who are a bit different than those I have talked about have a great influence on the company in the future. If you are interesting, hard-working and always coming up with the great ideas, you don’t need to be afraid to make a step forward and to try to find your place in the corporate world.

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Okay, we saw two possibilities. Either you are truly ready to begin with your path in a corporate world-you look and act like a perfect candidate, or either you are something completely opposite but still with great ideas and passion. Age matters too. Most people wouldn’t expect to hear some great ideas from people who are over 35 years old, but that just means that you haven’t been interviewed enough. Always remember that you shouldn’t lose hope after just a few rejections.

Get to know yourself! Write down your best talents and work on them each day! Once you know yourself truly, you will be ready to make a decision for your perfect path. When you take a look at the most successful and the richest people, you can find so many examples where none of them had some great education and most of them haven’t even finished their school.

So, how is that possible? Because those people knew their charisma. They worked on their social and emotional intelligence. Those are the two things which are the most important when you want to find your path in the corporate world! If you have set for an hour, at least, in silence, and talked to yourself who are you really and what do you want to become, or who you can become, I think that you have then already realized much more than we can about you.

If you don’t like to fit in the corporate world, that is totally fine. Find your passion and stick to it! Don’t take every world’s trend as a must! The one’s definition of the success doesn’t have to be yours!

dhWhat were your biggest accomplishments when it comes to career and success?

What about your biggest mistakes?

Are you ready to risk?

If you don’t risk, you will never know how far you can go!

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