12 Facts You Need to Know About Your Calling

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There is a silent crisis that leaves young people confused and feeling lost. It is probably more common among the youth, though there are also some adults who never get out of this crisis because they never discover what the solution is. This crisis is not being able to find their calling and consequently, they are never able to place themselves in the right spot that they should be in. If you are one of these “lost” ones, there are some facts you need to know about yourself and your calling. These can help you get out of your lost state and find yourself a spot.

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Focus on the present

There is a popular saying that goes, “What you do today determines your tomorrow”. Sometimes we get so busy with the future that we forget that in order to build our future, we have to deal with our present first. Do not waste time thinking about what you are going to be when you grow up but think about what your next step would be today.

Try different things

If you are not sure yet where you going and what you exactly want in life, try out different things. You will never know if it is for you unless you try it first. Do a lot of things, try out different hobbies, vocations and skills. Pretty soon you will find the right spot for you.

Do not be afraid to say yes

Saying no is a healthy thing to do but it would also help to say yes to opportunities even the oddest ones that you never think you would do. The boring ones you take may not get you somewhere and might just leave you in a state of mediocrity and might lead you nowhere.

Solve a problem

Be a solution to a problem. This gives you a sense of fulfillment. By doing so, you give people meaningful lives as well as yourself.

Allow yourself to get sidetracked

People normally do not get to follow their life’s plans. Nobody ever did. When this happens, let go of any frustration and accept that it’s okay to lose a little bit of control of our lives.

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Other people’s dreams are not yours

We sometimes find ourselves in a situation where our parents dream for us to be this, our boss plans for us to be that, and our friends suggest that we do this. But none of those are yours. None of those is you. Do not live other’s dreams for you unless you really want to. Live your own dreams.

Mash skills up

Do something that make you use a mix of your skills and talents. It creates a feeling of satisfaction to be able to use a lot of your skills rather than just one.

Work with people you like

Work becomes more productive when it is done with people you like. Better to finish a dirty job with people you like rather than finish a high end job with people you cannot get in touch with.

It’s okay to change

Do not get yourself locked within a course of plan. You can change your mind and seek other plans and ways. Again, it’s okay to lose a little bit of control sometimes.

Seek the advice of those who went ahead

If you want to get the best advice, seek the thoughts and insights of those who already have had experience. They are those who are older than us and more matured. They will know what to do because they have already gone ahead.

Read books

A life that is led by books written by those who have gone ahead will lead a life that is well-written. Read books especially those with topics that you can relate to. These books are like elderly and matured people talking to you giving advices about what to do and not to do.

12Support vs tolerance

When we fail or fall from the plans that we have laid out, we usually go out and seek support. But we should be careful not to seek tolerance instead of support. Support may not always be what we want. Sometimes support is rebuke. But open rebuke is better than secret love, as what the Bible quotes. These are just simple tips.

Some people may already know them. But it is important to not just know them but really apply them in our lives. Following them might just what we need to get ourselves going.

So are you lost? Are you still confused?

Do you think these are the things that you might just be doing?

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