Power of Beauty Worldwide

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Life in the 21st century. What are the most important values that are appreciated by society today? Have you realized how the outer beauty became much more important than the inner one? Does it become more important or was it like this always? If you ask me, I have to agree with a fact that ever since the dawn of the humanity, beauty has been a global obsession basically all over the world.

If you take a look through the history, you can easily realize how every single civilization had its own criterion of beauty and the people who were in the highest positions always tried to look like that. Egyptians for example. What makes those people even better then? Archaeologists will bear out that people used different kinds of cosmetics, mostly made from the essential oils or some other natural ingredients which helped their skin to look better, their hair to be softer and stronger, and their bodies to have a good smell.

erBesides that, humanity has always loved to be fashionable, so it isn’t a surprise that different kinds of jewelry and also other adornments were found in the ancient wombs. Who worked to define the standards of beauty? Those would definitely be the painters and the poets at the first place, while the mathematicians tried to calculate the symmetrical which make the human body ideal.

All of them, including philosophers, worked through the history to define the beauty’s most essential nature. Is beauty objective? Can it be subjective? It can be both, but not fully. It depends on the period of time people lived or live in, from their culture and civilization and much more, which we will discuss further. If you take a look what happens in a nowadays society, it is not hard to realize that the attractive people are more successful in many fields.

When it comes to business or social life, it is basically the same. How much effort is enough for people to be pretty? I am not sure if you will be surprised with this fact, but a single American woman, age 65 or even older than that, spends about 40 to 60 minutes grooming every single day. If we compare that fact with younger women’s habits, we realize that it is only about five minutes less!

edthAre we programmed with ages in such a way that we give a higher value to the people who are physically more attractive and the lower value to those who are less attractive? I think we do. The whole world does. Since you were a child, the society made you believe that your appearance is very important and valued. When you try to find some studies about that, you will easily realize that no matter from which time it is, people always tried to give their best when it comes to their physical appearance, and no matter how old they were or are. As the New Census Data claimed, the society is becoming more diverse, and all from the bottom of the age. Is the US becoming also more diverse?

The American’s diversity definitely stays on the rise. With so many racial and ethnical minorities, which are growing so much faster than whites. The study’s lead researcher of the importance of beauty claimed that people always determine the standards of beauty in a way they determine it by themselves. She is also convinced that the beauty is dynamic and not some static principle, but what your eyes think that is beautiful is always somehow determined by the society which is lead by the mass media which have so powerful effects on all humanity. In the nowadays world, we have so many social media around us, with different kinds of advertising, news, and entertainment.

When you take a look at the people on such pages, you will easily realize that they look perfect, or at least beautiful. You don’t need to watch your TV whole day to realize that, you can just use your smartphone to come to the same conclusion. We are crowded with tons of images of other different people who try their best when it comes to physical appearance, and it is hard not to compare yourself. It just has to make some impact on your beauty norms and standards.

nbIt has such far-reaching effects on the whole society. With ages, we saw the different kinds of changes in patients’ perception when it comes to beauty. It simply changes, and the society is the one who dictates the standards, along with the mass media. But, it has always stayed perceptive to racial and ethical differences, you know that.

Can you imagine how will the standards of beauty look like in just about 20 years?

Will we become more natural or will we try to reach the perfect form of our physical appearance?

How will it affect your children and our future generations?

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