What happens to a women’s brains when they orgasm?

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Either you are a woman or a man, this question interests you, am I right?

Of course, I am. There are so many previous studies which claimed how women brain turn off when the orgasm happens, which is the truth for men. But, the new studies have shown how the women’s brain doesn’t turn off because we are made for the multitasking. That doesn’t mean that women don’t lose themselves in such a moment, they do, but they don’t turn off literally.

orgaThis scientific research actually beat those who thought how women are more emotional than men. Women experience the same level of orgasm as men, but they can have it multiple times in just one sex. Since their brain doesn’t turn off, they are always ready to have more, which is not the same for men. After the orgasm, they need some time to ”recover” to get back for another one. There were also some false beliefs which claimed how women think about their responsibilities, a child, of love for their partner and so on while orgasming, but that is not the truth.

They actually think about nothing, just like men. Those conclusions which were made can be related only to those who fake their orgasm or haven’t experienced one. Sexologists claim how the brain activity increases when the big moment happens, and then after it passes, the brain itself slowly turns down. That causes some changes in the areas which are responsible for the motor skills and senses, and also some emotional parts of the brain.

o1Some of the experts also claim that women brain experience the orgasm just like some kind of a reward. Besides experiencing these symptoms, women also find themselves having less pain after the orgasm. That can last for even days. So, a women’s brain reacts in a way that their normal amount of pain that they can endure becomes stronger after the orgasm. Such an amazing fact.

Human brains are really a marvel. All that I have mentioned is discovered but without the known reasons. But, how can we realize how our nature really works? Do we need to realize it really or are we just curious? Can’t we just enjoy our moments and be spontaneous? After multiple orgasms, a women can become prettier and it can last for even days. That is caused when the brain creates the serotonin and sends it through the women’s body. After that, the skin becomes fresher, the cheeks have some healthy color and the same goes for lips. It actually means that the woman is happy and satisfied and it makes her beautiful.

What was the intention of those experiments and the research? That would definitely be the enormous number of women who claim that they haven’t experienced any orgasm in their life. Many women claim that they cannot have an orgasm with their partner, but they can achieve alone with themselves.

Young couple engaged in sexual intercourse

We definitely need to educate women to realize that they have the full rights to tell their men how should they behave during the sex. All in all, I think that we still know so little about the human brain. Especially about the ”sexual part” of it.

Will we be able soon to realize what actually causes falling people in love?

Are those emotions or is it just a natural thing for surviving?

How we attract our soul mate?

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