African Nigerians and Others-Migrant was sold at Libya slave auction

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If you thought that the age of slavery is behind us, you have to reassess your beliefs. What is happening in the undeveloped areas of the world is so frightening that most of the modern people nowadays cannot even imagine it to be real.

We watch such things in movies like it was happening a long time ago. But, it still happens, in the 21st century! The investigation media by CNN has uncovered the big truth about African migrant slaves. They are literally sold at a network called Libyan slave markets and just for about few hundred dollars!

11Is human life and freedom worth that amount of money? Who controls that market? Why doesn’t someone stop it? This terrible situation happened in the north and west of Libya where the man was brought before crowds and literally auctioned off for hard agriculture work. The event looked like one of those from the darkest ages of the human history.

The video is all around the network. People are terrified and frightened. The slave was described as a strong young man who can work on a farm, and that he was already working on a farm earlier. There are the different information about the amount of money that he was sold for, but the truth is that it is not more than $800. Many people claim that it was only for about $400. Can you imagine that? It is basically someone’s month’s salary but in the not so developed countries.

What CNN did to find out this information is that they have went to the one of the towns where such auctions were taken and they set the hidden cameras. They explored the slave market and couldn’t believe their eyes! They claimed that it looked like a normal market, and people acted like nothing strange was happening there.

2As they have reported, already twelve men were sold. What a terrible destiny… Those immigrants basically sold everything they had and crossed over thousands of miles from their own homes to find a shelter. Did they find a better life in Europe than the one they had in Mali, Nigeria or Niger? Obviously not. When it all started to happen? The immigrants who were trying to find a better life were caught in a trap in a moment when they have reached the African’s northern coast.

The poor people testified that they had to work really hard with almost no food. Besides that, the beating was a daily routine. Of course, they weren’t paid. The others were sold as slaves at the auctions. People who were forced to work without a payment and without enough food and water to survive will be brought back home by the Libyan authorities.

They will be returned to their countries because the authorities freed them from the smugglers. But, what with those who have been sold? Nothing? The situation just stays like that? They cannot be returned? If you take just one look at the world’s news, you will see that people are still trying to run away from their countries for a better life, even while hearing such stories.

22How is that possible? What will happen with this horrible event and when will it stop? Will it stop at all or it will just get worse? How can someone play with a human life without the consequences? Or they will appear, but no one thinks about them?

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