8 Most Common Mistakes Made by New Models-Learn How to Submit Your Photos to Modeling Agencies

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Your modeling career is just about to get started? Not sure which are the best photos you should send to the model agencies? Most newbies experience these problems and often get stuck without realizing what mistakes are they making. So, if you want your career to succeed, then you definitely need to keep on reading! Don’t let yourself ruin your career just because of the lack of the knowledge. We will give you the best advice, tips, and tricks which will help you to become a successful model! Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes you are probably making!

r3435 1.Doing it all by yourself. If you just send your photos to the model agencies without even checking how they accept photo submissions, you are making a crucial mistake. If you haven’t known, they all have their rules. Some of the agencies will only accept those photos which are sent through the email, and the others by mail. Learn about the agency first!

2.The first impact. You have probably realized that you have a chance to make the first impact while sending your photos and message for the first time to some agency. If you are sending the same emails and messages and not getting any answer, maybe you should check out how professional are you writing them. Act like you already have that job! Write formal and professional emails, and you will get the same answers.

3.Being ”desperate”. Okay, not literally, but if you are almost pleasing them to accept you, you won’t have much chance. How would you react if you receive a message which says:”If you take me as your model, I am willing to do anything.” Not so good, right?

4354.Limiting yourself. If you didn’t get enough exposure, you might get stuck in one place. Be seen in the multiple markets and you will improve your chances to become a model!

5.The rejection thing. Once you’ve got rejected, you took it so personally that you basically wanted to end up with your ”career” immediately. Well, that is not how the world works, especially this one. If one agency doesn’t need you, not all is lost. They have different needs and they are looking for the different people. Work on your confidence and don’t take everything personally.

6.Your lifestyle. Photos are one thing, and your personal appearance is another. We don’t say that it is the truth for you, but everyone uses photoshop nowadays. Don’t try to look like someone you are not! Instead of that, take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, drink a lot of water… Change your lifestyle. No one says you should always wear the perfect dress and have the red lipstick on, but be aware that if you want to become a model, you should take care of your look even in your daily life.

fashio7.Not learning about the modeling. If you don’t read the news and trends, or if you don’t check the agencies and try to know more about them, you will probably make a mistake. Know what is appreciated and then apply. Don’t waste your time!

8.Giving up. This is not a career in which you can decide that you should give up just because someone rejected you for the first or let’s say third time (check out the 5th statement). Have faith and listen to this advice and you are already on the right rode!

Has Coco Rocha given up just because someone rejected her?

Do you want to become the next Tayra Banks? Didn’t think about the things we just told you?

Now is your time to change everything for the better!

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