Amazon KEY is a bad idea!

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Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Key, a feature that will enable companies to make deliveries inside your house! The feature will unlock your door and allow placement the ordered or sent package inside your home. This service sounds good! But, what do people really think of it? Well, only a handful of people would actually accept to receive packages with this Amazon Key Service. On the other hand, most of the online community would rather say, “Hell no!” to such a service.

How does Amazon Key Work?

Well first, the Amazon key kit is acquired at $249 from Amazon. The kit includes an electronic door lock (smart lock) and webcam. This hardware can be installed for free by the Amazon technicians or you can install it on your own. The kit requires you to install an app on your tablet or smartphone.

Once the hardware and the app is set, one can then make an order and receive the package. When the delivery is due, the customer will get a notification of the delivery with at least a four-hour window before arrival of the package. As the package gets near, the customer gets an “arriving now” alert which also gives you the opportunity to watch the delivery of the package in real-time. Once the delivery is at the door, the driver will first knock to alert the owner of the arrival of the package. If no response is forthcoming, the driver proceeds to request entry into the house.

fadfsad Once Amazon has verified that this is the correct delivery location, the door is unlocked. The driver then carefully places the package within the house, closes the door and then requests for the door to be re-locked. The customer then gets a notification of delivery of the package.

Is the service a good or bad Idea?

Well, considering the service is actually suggesting that you, the Amazon Key customer should let strangers into your home is quite unnerving. Hence, Amazon’s intriguing idea is actually a terrible one. Below are four points to note in our case against Amazon key.


Amazon key wants you to let a total stranger gain access into your home. Amazon has promised that there will always be security footage of the delivery process. In fact, in the Amazon frequently asked questions, Amazon says, “We want you to have peace of mind when you use Amazon Key to receive in-home deliveries. If any Amazon Key in-home delivery was not completed to your satisfaction, or your product or property was damaged as a direct result of the delivery, we’ll work with you to correct the problem.”However, despite the assurances from the Amazon team, it is still a fact that letting a stranger into your house is rather a security nightmare. Whenever you think of letting a stranger into your house, all one can think of break-ins and burglary.

Security systems

The solution that Amazon has given for homes that are currently fitted with security systems and alarms is that you turn the security off on the day of the delivery. This means that your home will be left vulnerable the whole day and not only when Amazon is making the delivery. Hence, until Amazon gets into the security business, you will always be vulnerable on delivery day! How awful is that!


Amazon has advised customers with pets which can access the front door not to use the Amazon Key service. This is due to the fact that pets such as dogs do not take kindly strangers entering the home while others like cats may try to bolt and escape through the open door. On the other hand, Amazon has tried to sell the idea of using the Amazon key system to let pet sitters and dog walkers into your home.

amCloud issues

A classic example of the implication of cloud issues is the recent software update released by the company that makes the Wi-Fi enabled smart locks. The software update was sent to incompatible models rendering the locks inoperable. The two possible solutions given by the company were either to send part of the smart lock to the company for a manual update, which would take about 5 to 7 days or wait for a shipment of new locks which would take about two weeks.

There are numerous concerns raised against these lock. For instance, what happens if the driver unlocks the door and then be unable to re-lock it?

What happens if the system is hacked?

Can the system be hijacked by cyber criminals?

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