20 Restaurants chain That Will Be Serving Thanksgiving Dinner

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Are you excited about the Thanksgiving dinner?

Can you already smell the large roasted turkey on your table? I am becoming hungry when even thinking about it! Serving turkey on this special day would be traditional. There are also some other alternatives that people tend to eat on this day. For example, ham, which is also served alongside the turkey. It is common for many non-traditional households.

t3 Besides that, goose and ducks can be also found on tables on this holiday. Do you want to celebrate this special day at the restaurant?

Enjoying the traditional or non-traditional meals, made with the specific techniques and different flavors which are added to the recipes? If you are a vegan, you can also enjoy this dinner while eating white gluten or tofu for example. You can ask for some lentil-based substitute too or even a stuffed squash. If you were thinking about the restaurants which are open on the Thanksgiving day, we made a list for you to make it easier to choose your best place! Enjoy!

1.Applebee’s. Want to enjoy the best meal ever on the Thanksgiving day? What about the turkey breasts served with the mashed potatoes and green beans? Those beans are usually flavored with garlic. Enjoy the traditional dinner!

2.Black Angus Steakhouse. Very affordable prices! For adults, only $20 for a complete dinner-traditional or non-traditional. For the children, it is the half price.

3.Boston Market. This restaurant will serve so many different options for this day! So, if you want to experience a lot of different flavors and to have numerous choices, you can check out this place and enjoy your dinner with your loved ones!

4.Buca di Beppo. At this restaurant, you can make a choice to dine in, to pick out the takeout or even to order the catering. If you want to enjoy the best roasted turkey on Thanksgiving day, you should make a reservation first.

5.Capital Grille. Here, you will be served with the appetizer, full traditional meal and after that-a dessert! Also, the restaurant will give you the whole chart menu to decide what do you want to eat. The price for the adults is $65 (whole service we mentioned in the first place) and $25 for children. Interested? Make your reservations earlier!

t66.Country Cookin. A restaurant which is Virginia-based. On the Thanksgiving day, they also serve the breakfast which includes different omelets. If you want to have the traditional dinner, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this place!

7.Claim Jumper. Either you want to choose the a la carte option or you want a full meal, the prices vary from $20 to $40. Everything you could wish for on the Thanksgiving day will be served here!

8.Cracker Barrel. This restaurant is basically closed only after the Christmas Eve but stays open through the whole year. Check your neighbor location to be sure that it will be open when you arrive.

9.Denny’s. They are literally never closed. So, you won’t stay hungry with Denny’s on Thanksgiving day.

10.Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Enjoy the luxurious dinner at this place and taste the best wines ever!

11.IHOP. They are best-known for serving great pancakes, right? But, if you want a traditional roasted turkey for your dinner, you won’t be disappointed if you choose the IHOP!

12.Legal Sea Foods. They are serving their traditional meal on Thanksgiving day-fish and seafood, as the name of the restaurant says it all by itself. Of course, if you’re not satisfied with this option and want the turkey with the mashed potatoes, they have that option too.

13.Maggiano’s. Want a Turkey Day takeout? Make your order at least on Friday and enjoy your best Thanksgiving dinner with your family!

14.Marie Callender’s Restaurant and Bakery. Full traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving menus are waiting for you at this place! The prices vary from $100 to $150.

15.Ruby Tuesday. Want to enjoy the most delicious salads with the roasted turkey? This is your choice then!

16.Ruth’s Chris Steak House. This restaurant will be serving a three-course dinner for Thanksgiving day. You can also choose the option for takeout meals.

t717.Ted’s Montana Grill. Their non-holiday menu is always available, so will be too on this special day. If you want to enjoy the full traditional dinner, you can have it for the really affordable price-around the $30.

18.Waffle House. They are open literally 365 days a year. So, you won’t stay hungry.

19.Bob Evans. Either you want to taste the most delicious ham feast or turkey feast, you will get it right here!

20.Golden Corral. They are known for the best meatloaf and steaks, but on this holiday they will be serving a full traditional dinner.

Want to enjoy the best dinner on this special day but wasn’t sure if the restaurants are open? Will this be your best Thanksgiving dinner ever? Already excited about this special day? We are too!

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