World’s Safest Cities

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Have you ever wondered what are the safest cities on the planet? Have you wished to live in them? Can you imagine such a feeling of safeness on the everyday basis? I may admit that I would love to live in such a place. But, what characterizes the safeness of one place?

First of all, it means that the city lays on the great geographical place. It will provide the city to stay safe because there won’t be some dangerous climate changes which can easily cause the disasters and catastrophes. Also, it means that the city is safe for living in a financial way. There is enough job, there are enough resources, the land is fruitful and much more. Okay, let us introduce you the world’s safest cities based on the latest research from 2017!

The first place takes Tokyo, Japan. It wasn’t hard to guess that, right? Japanese people are one of the healthiest and the smartest nations. Also, they have the highest technology development in the world. Their eating habits are also different from the other planet. But, because of their lifestyle, people live longer there. Even to about 110 years.

singThe second place took Singapore. It has the perfect healthcare security ranking and also infrastructure security ranking.

Osaka stands on the third place. What else to think about the Japan? Impressive country. They have built their culture for centuries. They tend to keep body and mind in the balance and it that case they are able to provide a great life for their children. I am really happy to hear that such a place on Earth exists. Okay, now we are moving to Canada. Toronto. It has amazing personal security rankings and besides that a great healthcare and infrastructure security rankings too. Australia? Surprised? I may say that I am a bit.

We are talking about Melbourne here. Such a powerful city which has the high digital security rankings. There are no many incidents in their city and also they have regular jobs and payments. Besides that, they have great hospitals and the healthcare.

Amsterdam. I know what you are thinking. A city of paradise and having fun, right? Everything is legal in Amsterdam, everyone knows that. Is that their secret? Let people do what they want, and they will soon get bored of it? Just kidding. An amazing city with a high personal security rankings.

amWe are going back to Australia, this time we are talking about Sydney. The safest city if you have children. Their education system is great and there are no radical incidents there. They happen very rarely. What about the Scandinavia? The independent part of the Europe which was basically never in a war. Always neutral, if you leave out the Wikings. They are the best with the digital security ranking among all of the other cities. Besides that, there are almost none hungry people there. Their rates are high.

Hong Kong. I have nothing much new to say here but to confirm that their healthcare is so great that people from all over the world travel there to solve their health problems. You know how people say-an ill man has only one wish, but the healthy one has thousands. I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more important than being healthy and taking care of yourself.

zurZurich. We are in the Switzerland now. This city is very developed in so many ways. Their education has the highest rate, their personal security levels are enormuosly high, their infrastructure security is amazing and also the digital security.

What else could someone wish for? Have you ever taught about a fact that the world is so divided?

Why are some cities so rich and powerful while the others are just poor and not safe for the living?

Who decides where the money for the development goes?

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