13 Things That People Are Wasting Their Money On

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Are you one of those persons who doesn’t have even a penny at the end of the month? Don’t know where your money goes but willing to find out? You are at the right place! We will explain you the most usual ways that people spend their money needlessly. I would like to start with some daily routines which make your budget low, and later I will talk about some other things you really don’t use, and in that case-you don’t need them!

After you realize this, you will find yourself having enough money for the things you really need. Also, you will start thinking about your saving account and some emergency fund.

1.Fast food. Yes, we understand that nowadays world is fast and that you don’t have enough time to prepare your meal for work every day. But, can’t you stop for a second and think about how it ruins your health and look?

11 Also, how much money do you waste just to feel the taste of the hamburger, for example? You can make better and healthier versions of your favorite fast food and home. You will know what you eat in that case and it will save you a great amount of money.

2.The brand name products. Have you caught yourself buying the only brand named products just because you think they have the better quality? I would like to advise you to start reading the ingredients and labels on the products and in that case, you will see that they aren’t much different. You pay for their commercial and name.

3.The cable. Do you really have enough time to watch all those channels you pay on TV? I can imagine you coming tired home from work and just laying down on your bed watching TV. You can instead of that have some great time with your family, a loved one or friends.

4. Bank fees. Here, I think about credit report fees, ATM fees and also the late payment fees. The ATM ones are totally a waste of money! Did you know that the average cost of it is now about almost $5? And about the late payment fees, you can easily end up with the decreased credit score and also your interests with raise with time.

5. Diamonds. Many people have some wrong convenience that diamonds are some kind of the investment. But if you take a closer look and think about it a bit, you will easily realize that those are just a retail product like any other. Besides that, can you imagine spending your two months salary on something which is so impractical? If you like jewelry, you can find so many beautiful pieces for a much lower price.

car 6. Buying a new car. This purchase is almost always driven by the emotion, not by some rational thinking. If you actually thought that it is a good investment to buy a new car, we have to disappoint you. Besides all, you wouldn’t be able to pay it in cash, right? So you will take a loan. How many years will you need to pay off such a desire?

7. Cigarettes. Do I really need to say something about this? Just sit down, relax, and use your calculator and see how much money do you waste per month, year, ten years… Also, you know that smoking hurts your health, and probably you will need even more money to pay for a purpose to stay healthy.

8.Clothes. Do you have a full wardrobe of clothes but wear just a few favorite combinations? Yes, most of us function the same way. Think about what suits you best and buy for the life you live, not for the one you would like to live.

tesa9.Weddings. When it comes to this special day, people like to brag how much money have they spent. But why? Will you call the people you don’t even know personally? Do you really need a ring which costs almost as a car?

10.Baby items. Becoming a parent is a great day in every person’s life. Parents often tend to exaggerate with spending. Why not borrow? You won’t believe how fast will you baby grow, and yes, he/she won’t even have the time to even try all of those clothes you bought.

11. Using the credit or debit cards only while paying. It became a normal thing in nowadays world to pay everything with a card. When you pay in such a way, you don’t have a feeling of how do you spend. You don’t see the money, so it’s very hard to realize it has the value, right? It so easy to pay something with a debit card. Also, think about the fees you are paying but don’t have to. Pay in cash, and spend the amount you can, not the one you want to have.

12. Eating out often. Almost the same as I have already talked in my first claim. If you eat out too often you will realize that your money disappears like crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to spend some evenings at the restaurant and to enjoy the full service. But, why don’t you try to make it a special occasion? Birthdays, anniversaries?

sdfsd13. Career or college course which is not taking you anywhere. Your friend just finished some interesting course and you also wanted to do the same? There are so many courses which often basically everything.

You can learn this, you can learn that… But what do you think it will bring into your life? New skills? Okay, yes. But for what? Do you have such a job for which that course would be suitable?

All in all, I hope that you have found yourself in many of these claims. If you did, will you try to make some changes in your life? Imagine how much money will you have in just a year if you don’t throw it away?

What else can you do with such an amount instead of just being relaxed and not paying attention where it goes?

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