Does Physical Beauty Really Matter?

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Well, this is really a philosophical question, if I may admit. Let’s take a look at our history! What was considered beautiful? A long time ago, people preferred bodies which have some few extra pounds. They associated it with wealth, health, fertility and much more. Nowadays, when we take a look, people prefer skinnier women and muscled men? Well, the TV and the media represents such people as the imperative of beauty.

gdfgdfWhat about the art? We can learn so much from it. How people make things? How they paint or draw? If you take a look at the buildings, we are the race which likes the perfection. But also, when you take a deeper look at some pieces of art you can easily see how the beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder. Some painters love to make imperfections in their piece of art to make it special.

Is being unique beautiful? If you ask me, there is no definition of beauty. You can fall in love with someone’s smile, the way they look at you, at their hands or just their curly hair. It depends on what do you prefer and also what is the culture you were raised in. Some people love simplicity and purity, the others love to see more details and colors and the list goes on. Yes, you are right, I won’t be able to answer you what beauty is, but I will answer you does physical beauty matters.

Let’s explain it on the example. In that case, you will be able to imagine yourself in such a situation and you will experience your feeling about it. You have met a person which looks gorgeous (that is what most of the people think about that person). You fell in love with their physical beauty. Had a meeting, tried to have a relationship with that person… Suddenly, you realized that you don’t have so much in common. He or she annoys you at so many levels.

dfrdThey have bad behaviors, like laziness, or they drink too much, or you name it. After some time, you realize that you don’t find that person beautiful anymore, not even physically, right? The other case would be that you saw a man or a woman which haven’t attracted you at the first place. But soon after you started hanging out with them, you realized how beautiful they are. You have so much in common, you both have some good manners and you are hardworking and ambitious, for example. Suddenly, you realize that their eyes and their smile are the most beautiful thing in the world.

dfdWhat could be the point here? Invest in yourself, always, Keep your natural beauty and be kind. You know, we all age, and how will we age depends on our feelings about ourselves and the others. You know how someone just basically becomes a ‘ruin’ in just a few years? It matters how will you age. Full fill your life with the real values and you won’t need to think if you are physically beautiful enough anymore. Because you are. And you will always be. Nourish your soul.

Sometimes I wonder, would life be easier if we all don’t have the physical appearance at all?

Imagine that we are all the same, like some auras? Would we be able that way to find our soul mate easier?

What would you look like if your physical appearance represents your soul?

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