Israel Lawmaker seeks to replace birth parents with state appointed parents

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There is no doubt that we are living in the end times and the Spirit of God is being gradually withdrawn from the earth. We are rebelling against God every day and striving to make His laws void. But we shouldn’t forget that in the end there is a reward for everything we are doing under the sun, whether good or evil. And everyone is going to be accountable for his/her deeds.

Israel is not spared either and is going to be subjected under stern judgement from God due to her wickedness and turning away from Him. Despite the fact that Israel needs our support, we cannot overlook the growing secularism and sin of God’s people. Not everything that happens in Israel is good. It calls for the attention of readers to the makeup of Israeli Knesset, politics and attitudes.

The beliefs, laws and practices being established presently are against God, nature and the Holy scriptures. The elevation of homosexuality against heterosexuality is strong in Israel and is rapidly gaining strength as it is in America and elsewhere in the Western world. This is not a debate about rights or equality- but of superiority and dominance, with the abomination of homosexuality and its evil proponents claiming outright their sinful ways are superior and should dominate and prevail. However, don’t be surprised as these are prophecies long foretold by God’s prophets. They were to be fulfilled in the last Biblical times, the last of the last times on this lost and darkened world by evil. Arm yourself. Prepare yourself. Strengthen yourself in the truth, in the Lord, in the faith, in the Holy Bible.

M. Michaeli, the chair of the Caucus for Female Knesset Members, and a member of Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee suggests that we should “break apart” marriage from parenthood and childbirth, to discover that the best solution is to replace heterosexual marriage with homosexual marriage. It is evident that the physical pillar for which the world was made has been the patriarchal family. However, like never before, the very structure, the backbone of a prosperous society is under attack.

h34Major influencers from all walks of life, mainly through bisexual, homosexual, lesbianism and transgender community are attempting to instigate a war on the family. The latest inciting statement come from the Israeli Lawmaker, Merav Michaeli, who is by no means afraid of controversy. She is eager to witness “The state” make a decision on who the parent of a child is. As per Israel’s online Haaretz Newspaper, Merav would like to see marriage ‘broken apart’ from parenthood and childbirth, so that we can supposedly discover that the best solution is to replace straight marriage with homosexual marriage.

According to the Lawmaker, the core family as we know it, is the least safe place for children. Her plan is to have the state intervene and formally replace birth parents with state appointed parents. She claims further that “the default option” for marriage results in inherent inequality, and the only way to combat it is by replacing marriage between a man and a woman with same sex marriage. Is this where equality leads?

Sadly, it is not the first time such a vicious idea has been mentioned, since it stretches back all the way to 1971, when an official Homosexual Manifesto was published in London and it outlined the entirety of where Michaeli’s, and others, plan to take the world straight to a genderless dystopia. Additionally, as Hareetz journalist Carolina Landsmann points out; “Subsequently, in the name of progress, perhaps the primitive practice which served our forefathers will also come to an end. Babies will be born under ideal laboratory conditions, and only under state approval.

connectedfamilyThe “biological advantage” of heterosexuals, namely their ability to reproduce, will be considered a violation of the equality principle of homosexuals. After all, how will the state be able to determine whether men or women meet the required standards for becoming parents as long as they are free to become pregnant without a license?”

In conclusion, we can see how far we moving far from God’s law in the name of equality and human rights, however, we should be ready of its consequences. We are striving for lawlessness which means we want to be equal with God. The agenda is clear, destroy the patriarchal family and rip to shreds all things naturally created and blessed by God.

Where are those people who will stand for the truth even if it means losing their lives? Was God wrong when he blessed the marriage between a man and a woman? Are we ready for the second coming of our Lord?

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