Former Google Software Engineer sets up an “Artificial God” religion

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Anthony Lewandowski, a former Google self-driving car engineer, has set up a religious non-profit organization called: “Way of the Future.” The organization is to be one devoted to the worship of artificial intelligence singularity as a god. This is no surprise as our society is fast transforming into an AI based system. From the intranet services, autonomous motorcycles and driverless car technology. It would seem that the quest for a venerated deity which is also based on AI is just the next logical step for the Silicon Valley engineers.

dsfsffdAnthony Lewandowski was at the center of the legal dispute between Uber and Google’s Waymo. He was accused of stealing industrial and technological secrets, it seems to him controversy is just the way of life. He has joined the ranks of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg who condemn the apocalyptic narratives advanced by people like Elon Musk against AI. In fact, Lewandowski revers the AI singularity: the point at which Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence.

According to Lewandowski, AI systems not only have the key to an improved life for human beings, but also drive progress; have “godlike: attributes and thus should be worshipped. Hence the Way of the Future’s mission is: “To develop and promote the realization of a godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the godhead contribute to the betterment of society.” Yes, you read it right. A “godhead” based on artificial intelligence. How outrageous is that!?

They actually think that it is OK to worship just about anything that you deem special to you? This is idolatry in its very self. And to think that an AI god would save humanity from its misery caused by continued rebellion against the one true God and sin is utter ignorance. Seeking solace in technology instead of looking up to God for out help is the surest way to man’s impending doom. The Way of the future religion only adds up to the many avenues man has pursued in their rebellion against God.

Our society today is quickly going head over heels into rebellion against God, putting us in self-destruct mode. It is as though every upcoming technology is meant to be a step further away from light into the darkness. Before Lewandowski and his fanatics go farther along the path of destruction, let them take a moment to ponder over what our heavenly God says about idolatry and the worship of any god other than Him. They will find that God expressly prohibits the worship of idols in the Ten Commandments, His Moral law. God’s Law reveals his character; one which every human being should make a personal initiative to emulate.

yryrurIn the Ten Commandments God tells His people not to have any other gods apart from Him and not to make any idols representing anything on earth or in heaven. This means that an upright Christian should not bow down even to an image of an angel, not to mention a godhead based of artificial intelligence. Hence for Lewandowski and his sycophants to make an AI based god is an outright act of rebellion against God. Lewandowski is no better the people in ancient Israel who were destroyed by God for worshipping the image of the golden calf. Hence, should they persist on their sinful endeavor of worshiping the AI based god, destruction will surely come upon them. On the contrary, should they see the gravity of the sin they are so boldly committing and repent, God is always ready to forgive and forget their transgressions.

It is very sad that humanity has moved so far away from what God had initially intended for us. In fact, today instead of teaching our children that God is our creator we have indulged in the false narratives of evolution while seeking solace in technology. This has resulted in a generation of millennials like Lewandowski who have no regard for the one true God. Furthermore, the church is quickly losing its former influence in society. It is plagued with preachers whose sermons center on false doctrine. Indeed, our society has lost its bearing. Venerating worldly things and blaspheming God has become the order of the day.

We have become as rebellious as the people of Babel. Let us change, lest destruction comes upon us when we least expect.

asdasdasdDo you think Lewandowski will follow through with Way of the Future?

Or will he just move on to the next project?

Do you think technology can save us from doom?

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