The UK Government Declares That Men Can Get Pregnant

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At first, when you take a look at the title of this article, you thought that it is going to be some parody right? Well, sadly I am informing you that it is not. The mockery for our society is standing right in front of us! Has the world lost its mind? Most of the people are not even reacting, they are just staying calm which such information. Can you wake up to this?

rg2Unbelievably, an American transgender man delivered a baby in the United States. It happened late July of 2008. The name of the first man who was pregnant and delivered a baby is Thomas Beatie. He was born in 1974. Thomas is the American public speaker, the author and also the advocate for the transgenders, their sexuality issues etc. You can guess it easily that he focuses on the trans fertility and their reproductive rights. How he became pregnant?

I know that you are wondering about that the same as was. In March 2002 he had a gender reassignment surgery. Soon after, in 2007, he became ”popular” as the first pregnant man. It was done by the artificial insemination. He said that he got pregnant instead of his wife because she was infertile. He has a wife? Wow, I cannot stop being surprised here! But, the pregnancy didn’t go well and soon after the couple divorced. Because he got pregnant with the cryogenic donated sperm, it resulted in the ectopic pregnancy. The triplets. All of the fetuses were lost very soon and he needed an emergency surgery.

There is a movie recorded and it shows how this all didn’t happen by a chance. The name of the movie is Junior and it was released in 1994. The movie itself is a comedy, but it actually showed how a man went through the operation to get pregnant. They call it-the experiment. But if you turn on your brain, you will easily realize that the movie itself was recorded to show you what will happen in the future. Through a comedy? Yes, they are brilliant when it comes to making the puppets of us. Wake up!

TransgenderWhat are we doing with our nature? Is this world so stupid and becoming even sicker as the days go by? If you didn’t know, not all that hurts can be call sickness. There is the mental sickness too. Are women being exterminated? If I may admit, it looks to me like a well-written story which will blow up the whole population. Robots are now having sex, gays are marrying and having kids, feminists all around who don’t know what are they actually fighting for and so on. We are so disgraceful to nature. Artificially making the embryo, but of course, first transplanting the uterus? Of course, when the time comes for baby to be born, just take it out of by a caesarian section.

We became things… Walking things which breath. Obviously, most of the race don’t think. The transgender agenda is becoming stronger and stronger. How can someone believe that is possible for men to be pregnant? Using science instead of God? This is not science, this is playing with God. Science is exploring the Universe, trying to find the cures for the diseases and much more. If you haven’t understood, the whole point of the transgender agenda is to get rid of the male gender. Have you imagined flying cars in nowadays years when you were young? I imagined them too. Not men being pregnant, definitely. Can you imagine what will the world look like in 20 years if this doesn’t stop?

How much will the humanity pay for ”fighting for everyone’s rights”? All in all, why wouldn’t even any man wanted to be pregnant? You don’t need to such an expert to realize that the baby won’t receive the nutrients and so on. Is anybody thinking about the children? Or are they selfish that much that they care only about their unfulfilled sick desires? This world is becoming a complete insanity doing everything it can against the God’s design. Imagine what a planet becomes.

If you say:”There is the pregnant woman in the car.” You will insult the transgenders. Is the government spewing such garbage on our race? I cannot say to you that you have lost your mind because that would be globalizing. But, I need to say that the ”elite masses” are ones that got completely mad.

I think that anyone can realize that a man shouldn’t get pregnant because just look how much help the male body needs to complete the pregnancy. I am not that brave to talk about the consequences for the child…

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