Destroy the family, destroy the country!

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As decades pass, many countries and corresponding governments are making sure that their citizens understand the importance of family as a central institution. In order to make this simpler to understand, a great example to use is a delegation of the Third Committee held to discuss on social development.

4523Prior to the discussion, countries such as Syria and Belarus made commendable efforts to identify what is the cause of problems facing families. This also meant that awareness was raised which indirectly points out the fact that governments are now realizing the importance of families for prosperity, which prompts adoption of new policies which improve family life. Family does not only mean having both parents and stable income.

There are many orphans and homeless children who are part of society and require our attention and protection. In a speech by a Belarus’ representative, proper support for needy families is a necessity in addressing family problems, as well as ensure that all children are well taken care of. Most countries nowadays don’t focus on gender equality and ensuring that each member knows their duty and gets to fulfil them. However, much still needs to be reevaluated to ensure that the role of the family in a countries developmental dreams is appreciated.

The family is the most important segment of society, said the United Arab Emirates representative. Family plays an irreplaceable role in making sure that all physical and emotional needs are met for proper development. While making accurate comparisons between family health and the general growth of a state, he however mentioned that all aspirations for education and mutual dependence could never be attained unless there were measures to reverse poverty and enhance peace and security worldwide.

f11Such considerations had already been given point role by most governments especially under the African Parliamentary Union which is tasked to identify and solve issues such as poverty reduction, access to social services, making the environment conducive to live in and keeping tranquility. The family is the most powerful agent of political, social and cultural change, as well as a facility that gives care and love to its members.

Moreover, one issue that should be looked into in developing countries is the gender disparity in educational institutions. Inasmuch as this menace is still a major setback, boys and girls need equal treatment; ladies should be granted the same opportunities as men in professional careers since men cannot do away with ladies and vice versa. The number of women living in poverty in comparison to men was greater than expected which shouldn’t be the case in the 21st century. A report by the UN shows that there is another aspect of family that is not being given as much thought as it should – family planning. Citizens are encouraged to bear enough children they can look after which also reduces expenses and poverty.

From the report, more than $11 billion is can be saved in terms of maternal and newborn healthcare. In developing countries, more than 220 million women cannot access contraceptives and other family planning methods. However, a budget of $4 billion each year would ensure lives are saved by reducing unwanted pregnancies or abortions. It is a fact that sound family planning methods is the backbone for economic investment.

Wealthy countries in America and Europe continually benefit from the demographic dividend of having fewer children. It’s the same logic that is now transferred to developing countries. This is not just a matter of concern to developing countries but rather a global issue. When you look at countries that have not yet attained their economic potential, in one way or the other are not addressing needs of the family. It has a lot to do with poverty, marginalization and inaccessibility of services that people need so that they plan their own families, child spacing and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

f22Youth must be given mainstream attention as they are a major work force in the economy. They shouldn’t be viewed as a source of problems but as people with terrific ability to dive the economy. There cannot be good governance if the youth are not involved. Therefore, the youth should be given good role models starting with their parents, teachers and peers.

The youth should have the same role in a countries goals as any adult. The government needs to realize the importance of family, it’s a world that is critical to society for national development.

Are you willing to give up family?

Do you support your family and family activities?

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