Google Project to cure Death

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The whole process of aging and even death is intriguing. However, it is unpleasant how men die in an instant without preparing for it, or how we age irreversibly from our youthful splendor. Is there a way of foretelling death or a formulation that lets us live for an infinite? A lot of top-level companies are looking for a solution for all this; Google included. Their efforts were increased after similar companies made breakthroughs towards making men ‘gods’ by using concepts of trans-humanism.

ggOn the other hand, Google majorly focused on molecular studies to decipher changes that our DNA goes through as we get older. It is easy to get fooled to believing that this is one fictitious topic or a clip from a Sci-Fi film. Nonetheless, this is not something new. Scientists have been working round the clock and have somehow been able to regulate human growth and development.

For instance, advancements in key areas such as gene therapy and cloning by using DNA is now the basis of their efforts as they work towards achieving their objective.

How Google’s Technology Works

According to Google’s scientists, they are almost realizing the potential of making people live longer by slightly modifying specific genes.

Additionally, Google partnered with the Genealogy Organization Ancestry; which can trace specific family history, and also added Ancestry DNA as a new division of genetics to provide additional genetic information. This partnership between Ancestry and Google’s biotechnology company Calico is the main framework in developing technology that gives us eternal life.

12Calico openly made it their mission to uncover ways of slowing the ageing process although the how is still unclear due to many complexities in the matter. A promising approach that they used is making an alliance between drug companies and universities to get reliable treatment for neuro-degenerative conditions including Parkinson’s. They also stated that Ancestry is a key player in this role since they have an accessible catalog of more than one million copies of DNA.

The Executive Vice President and General Manager of Ancestry DNA shared insights to Business Insider that by such partnership with Calico, it should be easier to understand what makes other people live longer than others yet are members of the same family. Still, antique studies show a link between extroversion and lifespan in a select few. Although such research in genetics is still a gray area, scientists believe some traits are inborn within the family. Nevertheless, genetics and lifestyle both directly influence our lifespan.

Is Google right in its mission to solve the aging problem?

As it seems, am sure that most rejoice at the thought of anti-ageing technology without giving consideration the consequences. When man sinned in the Garden of Eden, his punishment was ageing, death and unimaginable misfortunes. All of our problems date back to that garden and it’s our punishment for breaking God’s law. The intention of God for creation, made in His own likeness and manner, was to live eternally. It disheartens since all this is tantamount to ‘Playing God’ by using technology. In one way or the other, we are ridiculing God by saying we want to live forever yet the cause of death is ourselves when man sinned back then. We mock God in the technology we have making us superhuman by altering our developmental pathway. Moreover, genetic engineering is a derivative of science and technology.

ggrtInasmuch as we are quick to point out its benefits, there are serious shortcomings that detrimentally alter human life. They are as follows:

A lot of procedures you endure are permanent. Once you get exposed to them chances of reverting to normal are close to nil, and hopeless at most.

There is not a sure way of confirming how you will react to such anti-ageing medication before you go through the procedure.

Not always do things go as planned and things might get nasty for you. Just think of being jobless your entire life. Reason, you are waiting an eternity for people to retire when you know they aren’t going to.

This will be the downfall of many industries as the concept of retirement gets abolished. This will positively affect the jobless ratio in many countries.

If Google follows though in developing an anti-ageing therapy, will you be the first to try it out?

God forbid, but what if something goes awry and you are left with irreversible genetic mutations?

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