The U.N Infected Thousands of Haitians With Cholera and Now They Are Abandoning The People

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It started when the United Nations have sent a group of the soldiers from Nepal to the U.S. mission which was actually financed and peacekeeping. The soldiers were sent to post-quake Haiti. No one thoughts that anything would go wrong, but the things soon started to reveal themselves. There a horrible mistake made by the U.N’s side because they haven’t screened the people they have sent to complete that mission properly for cholera.

22Very soon after that, they have been sent, the tragedy hit the place. The disease was becoming stronger and stronger in Nepal and Haiti’s people claim that they have never seen it in such a destructive level. It all happened very quickly, and it was hard to realize it at the time. So, people which were based in Haiti at that time, that were located actually upstream from a really major river system, started contracting the disease at the alarming rate.

No one knew what was going on and people started to panic massively. What else could be expected? I cannot even imagine how frightened they were, and above all, awfully surprised. Cholera sickened more than 647,000 Haitians and took more than 8,000 lives. It all happened just after the hurricane when people thought that are really lucky that they have stayed alive. But their happiness and gratefulness to God didn’t last long.

Soon after they saw what happened, the U.N. leaders tried to deny the organization’s role in this epidemic tragedy. The health experts desperately tried to provide the best treatments, but for many families, it was too late for any help. It was organized by the World Health Organization. That is where the best of experts are, and they were still standing there helpless looking at the Haiti people dying. Also, they saw so many sad scenes where people were staying all day in some kind of tents because they have become homeless since the earthquake happened.

erfThey really weren’t lucky at all… So many tragedies in such a small amount of time. People basically laid on the ground of some abandoned hospital waiting for some help or waiting to die. The streets looked like horror because it was normal to see at that time men who were dragging the dead bodies which die from cholera. Besides that, the civilians were not only desperate, but they were also very angry.

There were the protests and demonstrations which talked about the justice. They wanted the justice from the United Nations Stabilization Mission which happened at their home and which brought them death and misery. Also, there were so many children who got the disease and also babies, and they waited for their treatments. Everything that could be seen was panic and despair. Angriness, injustice, hope loss…

That is what stood on the Haiti’s people faces. What about the U.N.? They have promised that they will provide the amends through the ”New Approach to Cholera in Haiti”, and all that a year ago. They had the plan to send $400 million worth pack plan which would help people with cholera.

FILE PHOTO - A Haitian with symptoms of cholera is transported in a wheelbarrow in the slums of Cite-Soleil in Port-au-Prince November 19, 2010. REUTERS/ Eduardo Munoz/File Photo

What happened with that plan?

Didn’t we see how it was at the end?

Are they abandoning the poor people now their fate?

Or they actually already decided about their fate?

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