11 Way To Know If Your Sadness Is Actually A Sign Of Depression

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Every person experiences some sadness in their life from time to time. It is normal to experience some difficult situations in your daily routines and to feel exhausted and unhappy. But what if such a feeling lasts and you feel like you cannot get out of it? You don’t feel the joy of everyday’s life like you felt it before, the food suddenly somehow doesn’t taste the same, you don’t want to hang out with your friends and you prefer to be alone all the time?

I am sure that you have already asked yourself about your depression diagnosis if you experience such feelings. We will help you to understand yourself better! Once you understand what is really going on with your sadness, you can start working on it to overcome it, or you can search for some professional help. Both ways are great! Don’t give up! So, let’s take a closer look at some ‘hidden’ signs that the sadness may actually be a real depression.

Depressed_Girl_On_Floor1.You don’t know why are you feeling that way. Nothing particular happened to be a trigger. You just got into this mood which lasts for months and you don’t know why. Feeling blue all the time without the external trigger which could cause it?

2.Experiencing a lack of energy? Being fatigue all the time without any obvious reason? Your body reacts to the low levels of the serotonin and that is why you feel that way. If you are healthy, but being sad for a while, you may experience this.

3.You feel like you cannot function normally anymore. All the daily tasks you did such easily before, now became a nightmare. All you want to do is to finish them anyhow and to go back home, even if you won’t do there anything particular. Depression can also make you feel hard to concentrate on the things. Learning becomes almost impossible. You forget a lot etc.

4.Isolation. Tired of all people and their stories? Even from your friends, family and loved ones? It is normal for a person to need some space for herself/himself, but if you catch yourself lying why you cannot hang out with them just to stay home alone, you may be caught by depression.

Frustrated Man

5.Your appetite changed. People who are depressed often don’t eat much, or they eat too much. Psychologists say that people who are depressed often create a behavior when they overeat with the purpose to somehow fill in the void they feel in their life. Do you eat a lot of carbs and you cannot stop?

6.Have you suddenly realized that you have stopped caring about yourself? Don’t worried about your health while being drunk home alone five nights in a row? This may be a serious alarm that you are highly depressed and immediately need some help.

7.Cannot sleep at night? Most people who experience depression are having some troubles with sleeping. Their sleeping routine becomes different in two ways-either they experience insomnia, or they can sleep all day.

8.Physical pain. If your depression lasts for a while, you may experience pain in your muscles and joints. This mostly happens when the depression is connected with the anxiety. Taking some magnesium supplements may help here, but you actually need to solve the cause, and you know what is it.

Silhouette of sad teenage girl looking out the window on a cold autumn day

9.You don’t enjoy the things you loved before anymore. Have you caught yourself not enjoying that TV show you were waiting for every night to start? What about your gym training?

10. Having constant thoughts about dying or committing a suicide? Thinking that you are a worthless human being and that everything is the same?

11.Losing the interest about sex. If you are in a relationship or even married, your partner had definitely already realized this. I hope that you haven’t recognized yourself in these statements.

737 I also trust that your sadness was triggered by some external factor and that it will pass naturally.

Found yourself in these signs?

Don’t know from where to start?

Do you know that the most intelligent people had depression and overcome it?

You can, too!

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