Leading a Healthier and Youthful Life

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As we age, our birthdays progressively go from being the most exciting event of the month to one that we begin to dread; the number of candles on the cake no longer proportional to the years we’ve lived. If it is any indication, the downward incline is characterized by a greater effort to salvage whatever markers of youth are left in oneself – fit physique, flawless skin and the ability to “let loose”. You may find yourself reminiscing the past more often than is healthy.

But it is understandable. We don’t want to be reminded of the clock ticking, of the soon approaching final stage in our lives. But in actuality, being young is a state of mind that is not exclusive to any one age group. All you need to do is draw a line between being childish and youthful; you’d never have to feel ancient again!

Here are some pointers to living a relatively healthy life and remaining young at heart:

Abandon the stress.

Before you start throwing stones at me for suggesting such a “ridiculous and unrealistic” idea, let me stop you. Adult responsibilities shouldn’t equate to an overburdening level of stress. Ever! It is normal to feel a little stressed during certain circumstances, like financial troubles or career changes, but if stress becomes a continued part of your existence, you’re going to age a lot faster and not even in a healthy manner.

stressReportedly, stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illnesses and disease. Why not avoid such hazards to health by letting go of the stress and learning to live in a light-hearted manner? When you’re 60 and looking back at your life, you don’t want to realise that you spent 40 odd years covered in frown lines.

Eat for the long run.

A lot of what you eat affects your body in the long run. If you spend your youth cramming burgers down your throat with or without adequate exercise, it is likely that your health will have to bear the brunt of the gluttony. Trans-fats in foods that are fried or baked can lead to high cholesterol which in turn leads to heart disease.

To keep illness at bay, make sure to have some veggies, meat & seafood, citrus fruits etc. This is not to say that you shouldn’t eat what you like, but do so with caution. Incorporating healthy meals into your daily dietary habits will bring about a balance. That way even as you move past your mid-life crisis, you will be leading a healthy life.

Prioritize your social life.

It is a given that once you embark on the journey of a career-oriented individual, there may be time for little else. Working 12 hours a day can throw a wedge in your hobbies or social life. But an important part of feeling lively has to do with maintaining good relations with close friends and other social groups.

334You should be able to get a few hours of fun time every week. The more you isolate yourself, the more disheartened and weary you’ll become. There’s nothing like catching up with old (or new) friends and getting swept up in emotions of the young, foolhardy days. Be yourself, unapologetically. Whether that person is a goof, who can’t take a normal photo or a geek, who binge reads an entire fantasy series in a week.

Keep up with the times.

Now if you’re a parent or are acquainted with teenagers and young adults, chances are that you would be witness to all the changes ushered in by the present generation. This includes current slangs, latest gadgets, cultural trends and the likes. You’ve also perhaps entertained the idea of engaging in these fads. Don’t take it to heart if somebody tells you to “act your age”.

It is a common misconception that the older you get, the more rigid your lingo should be or the lesser tech savvy you should be. Keeping up with the times is an apt way of staying young. The child in you will always respond to the latest game or console. Indulge that child. Buy him or her comics and TV show boxsets. Don’t ever feel like you can’t devote time to such things because you’re “grown up”.

Set, track and update goals regularly.

Of late, you’d see a lot of positive affirmations that encourage you to keep hustling, to be as productive as you possibly can. They’re not without reason. Setting goals, whether on paper or digitally enables you to visualise your aspirations. This would further help you in leading a youthful and healthy life because you’d be active a majority of the time and accomplishing many things without procrastination.

adaWhen you’re answerable to your to-do list or your daily planner, you’d realise that you put in more of an effort, as opposed to when there’s nothing governing your daily habits. This is exactly why bullet journaling has become a trend. Don’t slack off. Imbue every day, every task with a lot of enthusiasm. The achievement of your smart goals would heighten the quality of your life. With these tips in mind, you’d be able to live a hearty life, one that isn’t filled with regrets. Remember, being young and healthy is entirely upto.

You don’t need to be 20 years old to have fun at a party or to go on dreamy vacations. You can do that as long as you’re confident and have complete faith in yourself.

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