Why Is It So Hard To Find Love Today?

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Have you found your true love? Do you know how it feels to be in love? Love, the best feeling in the world! Love, very hard to find these days. Oh wait, I’m talking about the real one which lasts forever where emotions are more important than money and looks. We’ve moved away so far from the traditional love. What is traditional true love? True love is healthy, self-searching and beautiful. It takes time and willpower to make it through a hard time. True love has no jealousy or anger. Do you remember the time when people use to fall in love and having a forever relationship?

123You have to remember because this thing is disappearing now. When it comes to believing in love and fairytale romance, we look up to bedtime stories told by our granny or mom which had a perfectly happy ending with forever togetherness. Life long relationship, true love, marriage are haunting words for this generation. Why? Because of the divorce, break ups and more such words which entered in our life directly or indirectly.

Some people find it easy to fall in love and others not so much. Currently, in time of digital era, people are finding love on social media and dating sites. We are moving into a virtual world slowly and surviving an ideal relationship or finding one is very difficult here. Relationships are losing its power just like a Smartphone battery. Although, you can charge Smartphone and there are no power banks for a relationship. Sad but true! Check out following reasons which help you to understand why it is so hard to find love today.

The fear of commitment

Why some people run miles away from commitment? The most common reason why it is so hard to find love today is a fear of commitment. These days dating have become so confusing. Some couples run away from commitment and some want an official label in the relationship. Some people want a quick commitment while others want a lot of time before stepping into commitment. The fear of losing freedom makes people step away from commitment. Many people believe that commitment will bind them forever in the relationship, family, and children.

34The fear of failed relationship

It’s nothing new to see the people around us splitting ways in the relationship. We all have heard so many stories from our friends, family, neighbor or colleagues being the victim of cheating in a relationship. As a reaction, some people lose faith in a relationship and some might feel insecure about their partners. Hearing about messy break ups changes our views and thoughts on a relationship. As a result, you started questioning yourself. What if I have to face this? Am I strong enough to face a breakup? What if I will not be able to get over that relationship? At the end, you might lose the beliefs in love or relationship.

The priorities

So many times I have heard about people choosing career or dreams over the relationship. Sometimes one partner wants a commitment while other one wants the career and as a result, they set another example of a failed relationship. A relationship requires time, money and real emotion. Our super busy lifestyle and everyday home to office circle leave us almost no time to look for a relationship. Many of us even don’t get time to see family members regularly. In such times it is really hard to find out time to fall in love. Some people think that they can afford to wait rather being part of a relationship before being part of the serious relationship and some think the other way.

love2The high standards Mania

As we grow older, we see and learn so many new things. We start to imagine an ideal companion in our mind. We set our mind what qualities we want in the future partner like personality, physical attraction, interest and more. These things make it difficult to find the ideal one because each person has different qualities. You might not find all in the one.

On the other side, some people are not clear about what they want. How will you judge someone if you don’t know what you are looking for? In such cases, it is so obvious to have a not happy ending. Not wants to hurt others.Some people have fear of getting hurt while some have to hurt others. It is very difficult for some people to get over the guilt of hurting someone. Being in a relationship with someone who is damn attached to you could make a breakup ugly.

Confusing attraction with love

What is love for today’s generation? Attractive body with six packs? Sexy figure? 8 digit salary? What is it? If you fall in love considering these things, that’s definitely not a love. This is an attraction, just an attraction. The attraction has its own life which is very small. Aren’t we forgetting the real definition of love? Love doesn’t see body, salary or any such things. It’s a pure feeling.

ddAhh…the patience level

In times where pizza is delivered n 30 minutes and you tube video didn’t take a single second to buffer, waiting patiently is something we don’t agree for. Our elders said that nothing comes so easy, patience and calm mind can only help. When we like someone, we want them instantly. We can’t afford to wait patiently and try hard to get what we want. So lack patience that when we want to end a relationship we just did it without waiting or giving some time to it.

It’s so easy and common to break the bond.

The society conditioned us to interact with each other in a completely different way. We prefer text instead of call. We prefer a meeting over a call or Whatsapp instead of meeting in a person. Nowadays people are falling in love in Facebook and breaking up on Skype. Like seriously? There are so many issues are standing in front of people nowadays.

We need to learn to talk to ourselves and our mate with a kind tone, polite words, effective and real communication. We need to get rid of emotional baggage we carry from the relationship we end up spoiled in past. We need to learn how to deal with our past emotions, rejections, and disappointments. People search for true love in all the wrong places with the thought if they keep searching they will find it.

345I love the stories of couples who found love when they weren’t looking for it at an unexpected place. Even if it is difficult to find true love there is always a tiny hope that we will when we are ready. Sometimes it’s all takes a risking ourselves back on the pitch and choosing to love again. The confidence always helps that what you are looking for it also seeking for you somewhere.

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