Organic food- Is it worth the cost?

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Have you ever asked yourself what would happen to your body if you only eat organic food? Do you know what is actually classified as the organic? The food which doesn’t have the chemical fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides etc. That may be the first thing for the veggies and fruits, but what about meat and dairy products? Organic meat means that the animals haven’t been treated with some harsh medical treatments like antibiotics or wormers.

453Either you’re a young person who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, or you are a parent, you have probably already asked yourself is the organic food really worth the cost? You have seen how much the prices vary. Yes, the organic food costs a lot. Many people who wanted the best for their children started buying it, but after a few months they realized that it is not much different than the food we all eat. There are, of course, the reasons why such food costs more, and it is not only about the healthy living trend.

Organic food requires a greater amount of time to succeed. It has to be treated differently and it is hard for a vegetable (for example) to grow without any issues if treated totally natural. Besides that, special facilities are also the must when producing the organic food. Supply and demand also raise its price and the organic certification.

It is not proven yet that the organic food will have some great benefits for your body, but there are some facts you need to know. It really contains the lower pesticide levels. Some experts and nutritionists claim that it may contain more nutrients, but that is still not proven. They are driven by a fact that the food we buy every day lost a lot of vitamins and minerals because it isn’t treated naturally.

342There are also no added growth hormones in the organic food, and as I have already said, the meat doesn’t contain the substances of the antibiotics which are often given to the animals. That is about the food, but what about the environment? Organic farms really use the less energy for producing the goods. That minimizes the pollution in our already very polluted air. It is the same for the groundwater. If you are a person who is interested in the nutrition, then you have probably heard what are the most polluted groceries. Some nutritionists claim that those pesticides cannot be washed with just a water.

First on the list of the most polluted fruits are apples. Remember how anytime you watch TV and some commercial about the healthy lifestyle comes on, a person is eating the green apple, right? Well, that is a cliche. After the apple, we have green lettuce, spinach, meat treated with growth hormones and antibiotics, and the same goes for milk.

If you ask me, I would buy the organic food, but only those groceries which are polluted the most. As I have also already said, there are to scientific research which has already succeeded to prove that the organic food is better for your health. If you have money, then buy it. If not, wait for them to prove it. Just kidding.

34What if they come to a conclusion how great benefits it left for the people who consumed the organic food in 20 years?

What if that is all just a fraud because all the planet is already polluted?

Can we actually be ever sure what we are eating?

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