Live better for less

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If you are a traveler, you have already seen so many different cultures. Have you realized how the term of beauty changes instantly when you get into even another country, how money and wealth have the different meaning, and how the purpose and the meaning of life change instantly?

I am pretty sure that you saw that clearly. It left you thinking about the whole planet for days and weeks after you came back home. What are we humans, just a bit of habit and the traditions that our ancestors left us? Remember yourself first time leaving your country or even a city, with a full suitcase of clothes you can wear for a month?

123A laptop, tablet, some board games if you get bored and the list goes on. Yes, you didn’t wear those clothes, of course. You didn’t play those board games with some friends that came with you and you didn’t put on your face cream because you forgot. You just needed that t-shirt and a jacket if the weather changes, right?

Everything else was about the experience. And yes, that is what is life all about. The beauty of the moment, and the sight of the mountains or the river you’re seeing for the first time. When you came back home, you were wealthy, in the richest way-spiritual. Experiencing the moments and seeing the different cultures, understanding that the all purpose of life is just in our minds…Amazing. I may admit, I experienced it myself.

But, the time passed, and after a while, you returned back to your habits. Always needing more material things, never enough, money, job, spending money etc. I know you recognize yourself, we all do. I don’t like to globalize, but that is the cold hard truth. If you have been to Africa, you saw how little those people need. They actually crave for what they really need. They work on their spiritual beings, and that is really amazing.

12345You saw children who are happy to eat basically anything, just not to feel hungry. What happened to our modern society? As you know, the more we have the more we want, and that is okay, to crave for the better things in life. But are those things making us happy or just more frustrated? You know, such circle never ends, and you find yourself in a void which is always empty. You need more. Let’s say you are a passionate traveler, and I guess you are because this topic interests you.

While seeing the world, you realized that you cannot afford to visit all the cities you wanted, the islands you dream about and so on. What point have you got from it all? To save money. To spend less. Spending it the right way, on the moments and the experience. That waterfall you saw will always stay in your mind and make you cower? That is what life is all about.

Experiencing life and the planet Earth. Cutting down our ego and knowing that our opinion and behaviors are just ours, and there are more than 7 million people nowadays, who cherish the different things. Everyone finds beauty in something else. We are raised differently. But, still, we are all humans. Traveling is great for letting your ego and downsizing your material standards. You actually understand what are your real needs and those without you can survive.

erfDon’t get me wrong, I am not some orthodox minimalist, I am just a real human who prefers the real values over the consumer goods.

Have you realized how your personality changed while learning what is life all about?

Can you imagine if all the people could have such a chance to meet all the cultures and to understand them?

Would it all bring the peace to the world?

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