Pussycat Dolls Member Kaya Jones Testimonial

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Have you ever thought really through what the celebrities go through to get such attention and money? If you have ever wondered to become a superstar, a singer maybe, or a band member, you should rethink some of your convictions. Money, fame, luxury hotels, spa centers and massages, great food etc. But what is it really all about?

a1Have you heard that an ex-pop star claimed on her Twitter account about the real situations which happened in her short career? If you are interested in following famous people, you have already heard a bit, but probably not all. But don’t worry, you will, because things spread fast.

Kaya Jones directly said that she was in some kind of the ”prostitution ring”. She said that as a Pussycat Dolls member she was caught in a literally ”prostitution ring”. She also claimed that she has experienced so many abusive behaviors by others in the industry she already worked. Frustrated she said that she actually didn’t even feel like she was in a girl’s group at all. It was all about the prostitution.

Yes, it was about singing and being in a band, but when you take a closer look, anyone who wanted to own them, could. It hit her straight to her heart and that is why she left her dream career beside her. Although, she knew that she could easily earn a $13 million record deal. All of the managers and the industry execs had some expectations from her that she didn’t expect.

a2You might think that she was very young and ”green” not to recognize that the music industry and all the industry which involves some fame goes the same way. But is it like that everywhere? When she wrote that the meaning of the team player doesn’t mean to be a team player in the band, but to sleep with whoever their superior says, people were basically shocked. She also claimed that if she wouldn’t agree to such demands that she was blackmailed by the managers.

What about the rest of the girl band? She didn’t give the information about them but wanted to leave her testimonial from which people can easily see the truth of the industry. Maybe we can expect later to hear some other news from the ex-pop stars. It sounds frightening, but not really a new thing. We heard it over hundreds of times. Why she published that post now? Was she concerned about the nowadays industry which works the same way? We will wait for her new updates to find out the whole story and what was the trigger that made her claim this now.

There are some people who reacted to her tweet that she is actually using it as a metaphor. But is she, or are those just people who are paid to protect the managers? We will understand it all better when she finally arrives with her answers to such gross insults. Kaya definitely had some hard wish to share such an information with the world.

a3What will she say after this, we can just sit and wait. I am so sad to realize how the industry functions, but when you think better, you can probably come to a conclusion that the things go that way most of the time. There are also some people who claim that she was actually not even a member of the band, but just a dancer. Also, some evil comments were coming from different sides saying that she couldn’t expect anything else but this. Nothing new in the music industry, right?

Has she made the right choice trying to defend herself against the ”prostitution ring”?

How did it aspected her personality and the later life?

If you ask me, nothing is worth the dignity, and I am sure that you will agree.

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