Check Out the 14 Amazing Moments That Make a Close Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Why are mothers so special? Can anyone take place of your mother? The bond between a woman and her mother is beyond every relationship. It is one of the most powerful relations which affect everything from health to self-esteem. It sets the stage for all other relationships. One can never compare a mother-daughter relationship with other relations because it’s beyond comparison.

A woman feels connected to her mother at each stage of her life from how a girl sees herself, how she is in adulthood with her partner, to how she mothers her children. Every stage is influenced by her relationship with her mother.

A mother-daughter relationship is ultimately fulfilling. According to study, despite conflicts, complications and generation gap, 80 to 90 percent women accepted a good relationship with her mother. You are definitely aware of following things if you share a strong bond with your mother.

mother-and-teenSomething new happened? Where is the mom?

So you cannot hide your excitement when something new happened with you or around you and vice versa. Even if you’re far, the first thing you will do is find a mobile and dial her number. You don’t even need to scroll to find the number as her number would be on top always.

On the other side, your mother will always respond like she was waiting for your call only. Oh and the conversation is never short, it’s for hours and sometimes more than that.

Sharing buddy

You share almost everything with your mother from secrets to clothes. When you can’t find anything to wear in your full cupboard, the first thing you do is ask your mother for some clothes suggestion. When there’s a secret, you can’t hold yourself until you share it with your mother and vice versa. From chocolate to a new food recipe, you share everything with her.

Most important part of your big events

Your big celebrations are not complete unless your mother is there. No matter which function it is from graduation day to birthday party, small events to the big celebration, she is always there for you. Your eyes always scan for your mother when there is something big happening in your life. Your mother is like your fixed date for each important or even not the important event.

You cannot tolerate when someone says anything against your mother

It’s like a world war scene when someone points a finger to your mother or say anything against her. You can’t tolerate it for a single minute no matter how small the matter is. Similarly, your mother can’t bear a single word against you no matter who said it.

Mood identifier

Your mother has a supernatural power to identify your mood. No matter how hard you try to hide, she will find it anyway if you’re in bad mood. That’s the magic of this bond. She will try her best to lift up your mood and make you smile. You don’t need any other therapy to relax when your mother comforts you by stroking your hair or forehead.

motherSharing magical hugs

A warm hug from your mother can solve every tough situation in your life. You never leave a chance to hug her whether it’s a happy occasion or a bad mood. If you want to cry you search for your mother’s lap or shoulder. When you are laughing you jump and run to hug her.

Mom?? Where are you? Every time you enter the home

Every time you enter the house the first thing you ask is “Where is the mom?” You will not sit before you acknowledge where she is. It’s like you will not feel a home until you see her.

Old memories

You always ask her about her younger days. Your curiosity never get down until she shares something. Similarly, your mother is always too excited to share part of her life with you. It’s a happy thing for you to see your mother’s old photographs and compare your photos with her. It’s a great feeling when you realize how much you look alike.

The conversation is endless whenever you brought up your mother’s childhood phase.

11First time things

You never get tired to hear about your childhood and the first time things from your mother. Like how she felt when she holds you for the first time, how she freaked out when you started crying for hours, how you spoke ‘mom’ for the first time and so much more such things.

Once in a while date

You plan random tea date or the breakfast date with your mother at her favorite old restaurant. This place becomes your favorite just because your mother loves it. You do something special each time like matching dresses or accessories, ordering her favorites before she asks or any other special thing. You never want to miss a chance to make her feel special.

Pampering yourself together

It’s normal and mandatory for you to do a beauty task together. Whenever you paint your nails or managing a bad hair day, you involve your mother too. From facial kit to any other beauty task, your mother is your all-time favorite company. You love to help out your mom in little things from choosing a matching lipstick shade to fixing her dress.

Spending holidays together

You always love to spend holidays with your mother no matter at what age you are. Sometimes you plan to explore the new place, sometimes you decide to visit her old places, or sometimes it’s just you and her with the cup of coffee and endless talks.

Portrait of tender mother daughter moment

Achieving goal together

You don’t need a partner for activities like fitness or health or shopping or anything. It’s always you and your mother. You gym together, shop together, cook together and you don’t need anyone when you are together.

A photograph is must

You never miss a chance to take the selfie with her. A photograph is must for you. Your social media is full of pictures of you and your mother. You love to collect every possible memory with your mother.

You know your mother is your best friend when you have experienced all above-mentioned points. There 14 things are not enough as there are so much more to define a mother-daughter relationship.

When you laugh, she laughs. When she cries, you cry. That’s the beauty of this duo. You don’t need a mother’s day because every day is as special as mother’s day for you.

Adult daughter and her senior mother are taking selfie photo with mobile phone

What special thing you do with your mother?

How special bond you share with your mother?

How your relationship is different from others?

Let us know about your mother-daughter bond in the comment box.

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