What America doesn’t want you to know about Puerto Rico

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We are living at a time when Puerto Rico is experiencing a big crisis after being hit by disastrous hurricane Maria recently. This left the whole island in communications and power blackout. Also, regions outside San Juan remained disconnected from the rest of the island- and the world. And for many residents, the difficulty of accessing basic essentials i.e. cash, food, water and gasoline began to sink in.

donaldHowever, it is amazing that instead of people including the politicians, putting their conflicts aside and coming together to help Puerto Rico, it is even getting worse. People are taking political sides with some saying they are republicans, some democrats, while some are in “hypocritical” parties with each group taking its own direction worsening the condition. It’s not a surprise however, since Puerto Rico has been a slave to the U.S.A government many times in the past.

The U.S.A did and even allowed other countries to undertake nuclear tests on the Island which left many people with cancer due to the prolonged exposure to toxic elements. Also, thousands of people have been murdered in the abortion clinics in United States with black babies being killed. They should spare Puerto Ricans their hypocrisy because they know what they are doing. Some are going further by telling the people of Puerto Rico to take care of themselves.

This statement comes as a backup to the U.S.A president claims that Puerto Ricans are lazy people and that they want everything done for them. But I don’t know what else Puerto Rico can do in the middle of such a crisis with roads blocked, houses and businesses destroyed, many airports closed and inadequate basic needs especially food and water. Moreover, the liberty they enjoyed was eliminated in the U.S -Spanish war.

wweAlso their currency was devalued not forgetting that Puerto Ricans were being used as specimens for cancer tests, birth control tests, HIV virus tests etc. These were all being accomplished under the United States government authority. So what else do they expect from Puerto Rico? And behind all these crises is the Jones Act which is not only crippling Puerto Rico but also Hawaii and Alaska. And if there is a way it can be done away with, it can save Puerto Rico from a lot of these problems.

Under the law, Puerto Rico is strictly banned from developing its own shipping industries. Any boat that goes to Puerto Rico cannot be a foreign registry vessel, it has to be a U.S vessel with a schedule of duties, fees, import quotas, taxes, a whole schedule of costs that then get past to the Puerto Rican consumers. So, everything that gets into Puerto Rico ends up costing about 20% more of the normal costs.

This is considering the fact that Puerto Rico is an Island and so it has to import many things including its food since agriculture is just 1% of its economy as at per now. The imports don’t go directly to Puerto Rico, they have to pass through Jacksonville, Florida where they are offloaded from the foreign registry vessel and reloaded onto an American boat which then transports them to Puerto Rico. It is all this process that results to about 20% more expenditures.

This additional cost is enough for Puerto Rico to clear all its $72 billion debt if it is not for the single Jones Act. However, we can’t lay all the blame on United States concerning the crisis in Puerto Rico, since the Puerto Rican leaders have also failed to perform their roles. The government is so corrupt and it is sad that instead of concentrating on the people who need help, they are politicizing the whole issue. No one is talking about those who are affected.

rrAnd for those fantasizing that the Jones Act is going to be removed, it is not possible any time soon. Puerto Rico is likely to be worse after the storm than it was before. The situation seems to be under the control of some satanic forces and powers that control this world and which operate with the same mindset.

And if they are doing it to Puerto Rico before our own eyes, what do you think our families or community means to them? Absolutely nothing. And while they keep you distracted, you forget that soon what happened in Puerto Rico will be happening in your neighborhood.

It is a financial takeover for Puerto Rico.

We don’t know who is next. Is it just the beginning? Or we are safe?

Who should be blamed?

What can we do at a personal level to help the affected?

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