Check Out The Biggest Mistake Women Make in Relationship

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Nobody is perfect! Everyone has their own unique way to deal the relationship. If we see things according to gender, men and women make different mistakes in the relationship. Let’s talk about the women’s part only here. I have seen many women who are responsible for a break up because they make silly mistakes and still think they done the right thing.

Well, you can’t be always right. A lot can be avoided if only the people became conscious of the huge difference between thinking of men and women. According to one study, many women are finding themselves single even though there are so many scopes to find a right partner from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, dating sites, chat group and much more.

There are many platforms are there to find a partner but the real game starts after that only. Maintaining relation with that partner is a true challenge. Finding a right one is not enough you need an eye to recognizing him as a right. Check out following points to understand what biggest mistakes women make in a relationship.

22Comparing Relationship

Comparison is part of basic nature for many women. No matter at what stage you are, from dating to married with two kids, there always comes comparison at some or other level. Do you know comparison can damage your relationship? Just because your friends showcasing their love life on Facebook doesn’t mean you start comparing your love life with them. You don’t need to feed your Instagram profile just because everyone is doing that. You can never conclude someone’s life based on social media posts. The comparison will destroy your healthy relationship satisfaction and can force you to do things that are not right for your partner or relationship.

Dreamy and Unrealistic Expectations

No wonder mostly woman loves fairy tales from their childhood and start dreaming her life surrounding those tales. Well, that’s adorable until some level. Sometimes these dreamy thoughts and unrealistic wishes raise the level of expectations for love, their relationship, and partner. Remember your partner is just a human not a prince from a fancy fairy tale. You are living a real love story where love is messy. If you feel that your man is constantly letting you down, honestly it’s time to take the glance on your expectations. It’s not possible to bring stars from the sky for anyone.

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When You Try To Change Him

There is nothing wrong to expect a little change in your man which helps him to be better. But sometimes this little change turns out to be a whole new personality. You shouldn’t try to turn him into the whole new person you think he should be. That’s definitely not your job. Moreover, he will probably never change no matter how deep and true love is there. His dreams, goals, and motivations will always be same. Don’t undervalue his good qualities. If you don’t like him the way he is, maybe he is not the one for you.

Lack Of Communication

Decreasing the communication or stop sharing your opinions or thoughts is never going to save your relationship. You will never be able to save your relationship if you prefer lack of communication. In fact, you are slowly destroying it this way. Your silence is a poison for your relationship. Lack of communication sometimes turns into no communication. Always communicate with your partner and encourage him to do the same. This will help you to develop trust and understanding in your relationship. You will also get more time to spend with your partner this way.

Waiting For a Man to Complete You

If you’re waiting for Mr. Perfect who will actually make your life perfect and complete, it’s always going to be hard to reach because you cannot put that responsibility on someone. Happy people in the relationship are those who ware happy even before the relationship. Love yourself first and then expect someone to love you. Nobody can carry a big responsibility in life to make you feel complete. Develop love and respect at whatever stage you’re right now. It will make you more attractive.

33You Undervalue Yourself

This is one of the common mistakes women make in the relationship. Are you the one who chases a man who treats you poorly and still you want them more? Are you attracted to all the unavailable guys? Are you hesitating to ask what you like? Stop waiting for that magical moment where “One day” everything will change. Some women prefer to go on with unacceptable behavior while some hides their feelings and desires. My dear, it’s a clear sign to prove that you don’t value yourself. You need to get over that ‘I am not good enough’ part and you will if you really want this. Remember you are more than good and you deserve better.

Not Giving Enough Time to The Relationship

We understand it. You’re working woman, you’re busy, you have many responsibilities, and so you don’t have 24 hours a day to give into your relationship. Well, nobody asks you to give 24 hours of your time into a relationship. But can you give at least some quality time? That is affordable no matter how busy you are. Just plan a random dinner or movie date, go shopping together, and spend holidays watching favorite TV shows together. If he loves football, give him a company even if you are not a big fan of football. These are the small ways to grow relationship strong.

Having That Blind Trust

It’s awesome when someone treats you so damn well, spend tons of money on you, and do crazy stuff for you. Who doesn’t love this? Even I love this stuff, but what I do not love it when there is no love behind all this. Just because he is spending tons of money on you or doing crazy stuff for you doesn’t mean he loves you. Do not put blind trust until you are sure about his true feelings and remember true feelings can’t be shown by money. You need to be 100% sure before you take a step ahead to trust him and money and other stuff might not help you here.

55Do not be the women who do silly mistakes and experience a failed relationship. There is nothing wrong with a failed relationship but the pain and hurt come with it are hard to replace.

Every failed relationship comes with a void. Make sure that you never follow the above-mentioned mistakes.

And don’t forget to share with us if you know any other such mistake.

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