How Do You Define Cheating In A Relationship? We Asked 10 Women, and here’s what they said

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Cheating is the turning point for many relationships. When one partner finds out that the other one is cheating, heart throbbing emotional drama happens. It’s really hard to handle emotions when your loved one cheats on you. What is considered as cheating? Cheating cannot be defined as having physical relation with someone outside your relationship only. Cheating comes in different forms and everyone has their own view to define cheating. We asked 10 women from different age, different profession and here what they said in their own words.

2212Woman 1 (25-year-old working women):

According to this woman, sharing emotions outside a relationship is a cheating probably known as an emotional cheating. She cannot bear if her partner would share thoughts, dreams and emotional closeness with someone else that probably should be reserved for her. For her, emotional cheating is more hurting than physical cheating. She said “In physical cheating, the partner is still emotionally connected to me and may only look for sexual needs. While in emotional cheating, the cheater will find an emotional bond outside relationship which is hard to break and bear as well. I will never tolerate an emotional cheater in a relationship.”

Woman 2 (21-year-old college girl):

According to this young girl, if her partner is talking to some other girls through Facebook or online dating sites or flirts with other girls through any social media, she will consider this as a cheating. The Internet is very popular these days and everyone shares a good relationship with internet but no wonder some people find the relationship within the internet. She said,” its fine if I am aware of this girl, but if there is someone whom I don’t know and he is spending quite good time with her in the virtual world then I need to worry.” There is so much on the internet from social media to dating sites. Cyber cheating is harder to catch compared to other ways of cheating. Everything is password protected so it’s hard to pay attention here.

AA8KMW Young man text messaging with young woman sleeping

Woman 3 (27-year-old housewife):

According to this housewife, texting some other girls outside a relationship is cheating. This is probably known as a “Chexting” which includes sending sexually explicit messages or pictures or texts. This woman explains that even simple and innocent text like “How you doing” is considered as a cheating if the intentions of the person sending the text are wrong. She said it is really hard to keep track on that because it’s possible to delete the messages.

Woman 4 (35-year-old married working women):

According to this woman, if her husband is talking to some other women without any reason or making the conversation long asking about the weather or something else, she will consider this as a cheating. She said “Why on the planet does he need to talk more than required? I am not against talking to other girls but without reason making the conversation long is cheating for me. He clearly shows his interest in this other girl and I am not comfortable with that”

Woman 5 (40 years old divorced woman):

According to this woman, even looking at some other woman for more than 10 seconds is cheating. She had a bad experience of married life where she became the victim of cheating. She said “I don’t trust the man who looks at another woman for more than 10 seconds without any particular reason. I do have the failed marriage and I don’t blame myself for that. It’s just that everything starts from looking and there is no end.”

Woman 6 (42-Year-old single woman):

According to this woman, innocent friendship with opposite gender is a cheating. She said “there is no such thing as an innocent friendship. Either it’s true and pure friendship or temporary friendship where you connect with your friends occasionally. What is this innocent friendship? Leaving your house in the middle of the night because your friend (from opposite gender) is feeling down and you count this as an innocent friendship, what a fake excuse. There must be something going on there. This is kind of some unknown bond which has a special place in his life” She doesn’t trust the man who has the innocent friendship with other girls.

55Woman 7 (50-year-old married woman):

According to this lady, if her husband loses interest in her, it’s cheating. She said “What is the meaning of relation if there is no attachment. If my partner loses interest in me and by the way, it is very easy to recognize then I will consider this as a cheating with my emotions. There could be any reason behind this from mental stress to workload. Sometimes these things are temporary and your partner will come back to you but I can’t afford to wait for long. It’s a sign for me to look deep in the relation and decide its turning point.”

Woman 8 (55-year-old woman):

According to this woman, if her partner is hiding things from her like bank balance or credit card details then it’s cheating. She said “Why he needs to hide his credit card details or bank balance? These things will feed up my mind with so many thoughts. It’s not necessary that every time he will cheat on me with some other Girls but this is kind of financial cheating where I am not aware of big expanses of my partner who is the big part of my life. This will raise a question that am I important part of his life or not?”

Woman 9 (28-year-old working woman):

According to her, if her partner is suddenly taking more interest in nightclubs or strip clubs or even porn films then it’s cheating. She said”This sudden change of watching porn all the time or visiting the strip club or nightclubs will definitely freak me out. Even though he might not have physical relation with any girl outside relationship but these things are equal to cheating for me.” No wonder we have seen many men who love to visit strip clubs and porn more than anything. But take a note guys, you might hurt your partner’s feelings this way.

77Woman 10(18-year-old girl):

According to this young girl, if her partner is not keeping his promises then he is cheating on her. She said “How hard is it to be on time for a movie night? How hard is it to go on the planned date? If he is making excuses or forgetting things related to me then it’s like cheating for me. If I really matter for him, he won’t forget date nights or birthdays, but if he does then he might not have true feelings for me. And that’s cheating.”

So these are the 10 different women from different ages and professions. We respect each answer and thank them for sharing with us.

88How would you define cheating?

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