6 Critical Things That You Should Definitely not Tolerate in a Relationship

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Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. Having a chance to spend life with your love is even better but having a happy and healthy relationship is above everything. Sometimes you deeply fall in love and sadly fallout from the relationship.

Are you having a happy relationship? Really?? Check out following things and make a conclusion again.

Every person deserves respect, love, space, and compassion in the relationship. Many people survive an unhappy relationship just because they hesitate to take a step against it or fear of being left out alone. Do not underestimate these things on the name of love. Remember, only love can’t help you to survive your relationship. Respect is not for the showcase, you need it in actual life. Compassion is not just a word, it’s a concept required to survive a relationship.

2Space is not just for NASA, you need real space (which NASA might not require) in your relationship. There are many such other things which are more important than LOVE.

Do you really need to be a part of an unhappy relationship? It’s clear and big NO. Why on the earth do you tolerate disrespect, hate and totally unexpected behavior for a lifetime?

Yes, its matter of whole life. It’s better to take the step now then regret things latter. You need to rethink if you find any of the following things in your relationship.

Disrespectful Language

We have heard many times that love has its own language. True, the language of love is magical. But the language of respect is more important than love. Each healthy relationship begins with respect and respect appearance in language and behavior. You should never tolerate someone who puts you down, abuse you or makes you uncomfortable in any other such way.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. You may have heated argument or different point of views but that doesn’t give your partner any right to disrespect you. Just because they can’t control their language at a time, that doesn’t mean they will say whatever comes to their mind. One should never cross a thin line in a relationship where respect matters.

Extra Bossy Partner

So yes we are talking about the partners who are extra bossy by nature. Would you like to be watched 24 hours every day by someone? Your answer would be no as no one likes to being watched by someone. Okay, now what if you are being watched 24 hours a day by your partner? The answers are very strong here as it’s very horrible to be watched by your partner than others. Being protective, possessive and caring is good.

But everything comes with its limitation ratio. In today’s time where a teenager needs space and freedom, how could you tolerate a controlling partner? Just because they have a fear that you might break their trust or break the relation, they keep a strict watch on your every single move. So damn horrible! You did not any crime or sentenced by the government so why would you tolerate such behavior? You can only do one thing in such situation and that is, let yourself out.

Trust Issues

As we discussed earlier, only love is not enough to survive. You need more other things and trust is one of them. No relationship can be healthy and happy if there is no trust. It’s like a required ingredient which is must for every recipe. Oh, by trust we meant mutual trust. The relationship will not work if there is no mutual trust.

3 If your partner can’t trust you, you should either talk to them about it or end the relationship. Sometimes people say they tolerate this thing just because there are such incidents in past which are responsible for this. If that’s the point then there is no point. Even if there is such history, your relationship needs to move on if you both really want that. There is no point dragging past into spoil present.

Physical Abuse

Being the victim of physical abuse is the ugliest thing that happens in a relationship. How can anyone bear this in name of love? You need to gather courage and take a step if your partner is physically abusing you. No one deserves such behavior in the relationship. Keep love aside for a while and be kind to yourself. No argument, deep love or anything allows anyone to hit you. Take a stand for yourself without any fear. The world is a big enough to find a right partner.

22Emotionally Unavailable

Every person needs emotional support at some point in life and it is mostly expected from the life partners. If your partner is emotionally unavailable, you won’t be able to make the relation lifelong.

Even if they feel insecure or shy about showing emotions, they at least need to be available when you need them most. Being shy and being a stone-hearted are both completely different things. There is no meaning of relation if emotions are missing. We are not robots and so we do need emotions in our life and especially from our partners.


Both partners have their own role in the relationship. It will be difficult if any of them miss their part and started to act like the child. We are not asking for taking a big burden on the head in name of relationship. No, but at least understand and take care of the minimum amount of responsibilities which are required to survive.

Life is not a fairy tale where everything will be dreamy and happy. You need to work hard to make it worth living. You can talk and solve the things at initial level but if it continues then you need to rethink. Don’t ever settle for someone who is irresponsible enough to depend on you for everything. It’s time to keep emotions and love on the side for a while.

Think for a minute, Did you really dream of this life? Are you really happy with your partner?

Couple having argument on the couch at home in the living room

Do not cover your situation with some stupid facts like ‘it happens with everyone’, ‘everything will be fine by time’, ‘there must be something wrong with me’ and more. First of all, it doesn’t happen with everyone and please stop being dependent on time.

Just because you’re living in a relationship which is equal to nightmare doesn’t mean happy relationship doesn’t exist. Happy and healthy relationships do exist. You need to break the bars to experience one.

So, still think you are a part of a happy relationship? If yes then congratulations, if not then you are stuck at the horrible place and really need to move forward.

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