California Fires

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The dangerous things are happening over the globe. It seems like nature went wild. Did it go, or we made it this way?

There have been more than a dozen wildfires lately. They were raged crossed the Northern California. That is happening for the third straight day since Sunday. More than 20, 000 people need to leave their homes hoping to find some safe place and to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. The fire killed at least 11 people. It isn’t clearly known yet because the investigation of the missing people and the bodies is still lasting.

c3The most endangered areas are Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino countries. Those are the places where the largest fire was burning. Poor California’s wine destinations got hit by this terrible tragedy. The Californian authorities claim that there are more than 1,500 homes and businesses destroyed in this natural disaster. The fire spread through the Northern California instantly, to the places mentioned above. There are more than even 100 people who are taken to the hospital intensive care fighting for their lives.

People who got hit by this terrible tragedy suffered from some serious health issues which include intensive burns, heavy smoke inhalation and of course, the shortness of breath. More than 115, 000 acres were burnt down by the wildfires on Tuesday. Besides that, the phones are ringing all the time, as the country said itself on Monday, because so many people are missing, and their loved ones are desperately trying to find them.

There are more than 91, 000 customers which have been left without the power in the state. It hit mostly the Northern California, but the near areas are not spared too. Can you imagine such a chaos which happens in like a moment and instantly changes the lives of so many people? It basically changes their whole future. Besides the wildfire, the winds were driven by more than 50 mph. Such powerful winds led to the extreme spreading of the fire itself.

c4Firefighters were all around, trying to rescue the situation, but without much success. The most significant devastation was seen in Santa Rosa. It is a city of 175,000 roughly 50 miles northwest of the San Francisco. The horrible tragedy showed itself at this place at its fullest! Nothing left but the ashes of the cars and houses.

There were 11 deaths reported there, and also many people missing. Their loved ones are trying to find them, alive. The officers were in their full strength bravely trying to find the missing people and to rescue as much as can. All in all, they claim that they know that more bodies will be found than those 7 which have been founded dead. Sonoma Country Shelters have received more than 5,000 people, who stay in their shelters hoping for the best. Most of the people there are desperately trying to find some information about their missing loved ones.

Such a chaos and destruction. I am trembling just hearing this. A 124-room hotel was also destroyed in the wildfire, named Fountaingrove Inn. Also, a nearby event center Fountaingrove Round Barn experienced the same destiny. There are many more important buildings which were destroyed basically in the blink of an eye in this tragedy. But, it is not about the buildings, cars, motorbikes, precious stuff that people own… It is about the people and their lives!

c1They are fighting for themselves and trying to find their missing loved ones so desperately. Most of the people suffer from some health issues which at least, cause them lack of breath and burns.

Could we be prepared for this situation?

What went wrong and will we be able to stop this next time to happen?

Is God playing with us or are we playing with Him?

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