Eliminate God in Everything we do?

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We are living in times that we need to pray even more than we have ever did before. However, it is ironical that the world God created perfectly for His glory is denying Him openly even without flinching. Prophecies long foretold are unfolding before our eyes and we should seek Christ with all our energy lest we be destroyed with the wicked.

The recent occurrences around the world have left some of us wondering where things all went wrong. In everything people do they keep moving further and further away from what God had intended them to be. People are deliberately choosing to do evil! The Bible says, light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. We have become so bold in our evil that we openly advocate for abominations that no straight person ought to even consider. And we are ready to execute those who try to oppose our evil deeds, even it means ensuring they rot in jail. What is man without God?

g1 Do you think whatever you have or have achieved its by your own power? There is a mighty power behind all these that we need not to forget even for a second. Even the gifts and talents we have are God-given and we need to thank Him always for His mercies. There is no doubt that the Spirit of God is gradually being withdrawn from the earth and that’s why there is a lot of evil happening every day. There is nothing left than eternal destruction. And instead of the so called “Christians” using their influence in a way that would advocate for good, they are the ones that have taken up the mantle of evil.

They have found a way of making their evil ways look “not as bad as it seems.” And soon even our freedom of worship is going to be controlled. Welcome to the modernized world where football players can take a knee to disrespect the flag, but a coach can’t take a knee to pray to the Almighty. A three-judge panel recently ruled that Bremerton School District was justified in suspending Coach Joe Kennedy after he took a knee and prayed silently at midfield after football games.

The court claims that the coach violated the U.S constitution by taking a knee at the 50-yard line and praying after games. Joe Kennedy, the assistant football coach at Bremerton High School lost his job after being suspended by the school for post-game prayers. He later accused and sued the school for trying to violate his rights, the case he has lost recently. However, he has sworn to continue the prayer fight despite losing the case. Furthermore, he says that he is not surprised by the court’s judgement since he’s heard “rumors” about how that particular court tends to rule.

g2“When Kennedy kneeled and prayed on the 50-yard line immediately after games while in view of students and parents, he spoke as a public employee, not as a private citizen, and his speech therefore was constitutionally unprotected,” the 9th Circuit wrote. Kennedy, who served as an assistant coach at Bremerton High School from 2008-2015, was ordered to desist from bowing his head, taking a knee or doing anything that could be perceived as praying on public school property.

To be reasonable though- it’s not like Coach Kennedy was conducting a Billy Graham Crusade at midfield. He would simply take a knee, bow his head, thank God for a good game and 30 seconds later, go back to his business. “This is deeply disappointing to us,” First Liberty Institute attorney Jeremy Dyes said on The Todd Starnes Show. “The 9th Circuit believes they can ban all coaches from praying individually in public just because they can be seen,” Dyes said. “That is simply wrong. It is not American. And it is not the America contemplated by our Constitution.”

Now all coaches across the country stand under the prospect of being prevented from engaging in any outward displays of religion,” Dyes added. “That includes crossing yourself or even taking a knee to pray.” Yes, you heard it right-not even catholic coaches will be allowed to cross themselves in public, says the attorney general.

So, in conclusion, the controversy between God and the devil continues and in the end we know who will win. God promised us that happy is the man who will be persecuted for His name’s sake. Choose your destiny today on whose side you want to be.

g3Will you stand up for God even if it means being arrested and persecuted?

On whose side are you?

The world’s or God’s?

Do you recognize God in your life?

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