7 Signs That He Is Not a Cheater

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This one is especially for you girls!

Whether you are a fresh couple or part of a serious relationship, there are always certain chances that your man might cheat on you. When there is love there is insecurity. Although boy or girl anyone can cheat, mostly girls are the victim of this insecurity. It’s absolutely normal to worry that may be he is cheating on you or not. This thought can arise even if your relationship is going great. You never know the reason behind the cheating.

relationshipPeople can cheat for any reason nowadays. Whether everything is okay or not okay, scary thoughts always hunt girls mind. And trust me its normal. Being the victim of cheating is worst. You feel broken and rejected. Sometimes it left you with narrow space where you don’t understand whom to trust. In some cases, I have seen girls completely loose the idea of being in a relationship again. Check out following 7 signs to know that he is not a cheater unless you are dealing with a great liar.

He is not selfish

Cheating is selfish. At some or other level we all are selfish but when it’s about relationship people have different perspectives. If he is there for you when you need him most even if that costs him to drop his most important plans than you don’t need to worry. Your partner is not selfish. You and your relationship are his first priority.

Make sure to don’t misunderstood “selflessness” and “nice”. People can cheat being nice and good. It is very important to know the difference.

He is an open book

There are no hidden chapters or a page in his life. He doesn’t keep secrets from you. Even if the truth is dark and ugly, he will share with you. If these are qualities of your man then you don’t need to worry. Your man is trustworthy. Being on the same page of life, there are very fewer chances of being cheated by your partner. But if your man is a secret keeper, you need to be quite alert. If he can hide some truth, he can hide a chick as well.

You are aware with pretty much everything about his life

He is a kind of person who shares everything with you, although boys are not that much into the sharing part still you have the idea of his life like his schedule, his co-workers etc. Don’t be so much worried about being jealous when he share stuff about his coworkers, he will not share the stuff if there’s something to hide. So be a proud partner instead of being jealous.

He has no history of cheating

Well it’s not so necessary that person with no cheating history cannot be a cheater in future. But I’m sure you have heard “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. So if he cheated earlier, there are pretty good chances that he will repeat it.

r1You’ve living a healthy sex life

One of the big reasons behind being cheated is unhealthy sex life. If he doesn’t get what he wants from you then he will defiantly search for that something in someone else. If you share a healthy sex life than you don’t need to worry about your man.

You are able to access his electronics gadgets

If he is okay when you access his phone, laptop or credit card then you don’t need to worry. Although smart man uses to clean all his evidence before entering home so it’s not a great sign to know. According to science people hiding something get annoyed when you touch their phone or laptop. And we believe in science.

He’s more than busy

If your man is super busy around his work and family like he literally doesn’t have free time for real and spends the little free time with you, then it is obvious that he won’t cheat on you. From where he gets the time to even think about cheating. Although make sure you know about his real time schedule. If you have reasons to suspect he’s cheating or just wondering with over thinking, take the quick glance at points given below which are signs that clearly shows there is something fishy with your man.

Sudden changes in his appearance: Appearance speaks so much about a person but do you know changes in appearance also speaks about a person?

r2If your man is steady about his appearance than there is nothing to worry. Make sure to not ignore changes in your man’s visual appearance. If he didn’t care much about his looks before but now spending quite good time after grooming then something is defiantly up. Well sometimes the reason could be improving or changing the personality, you never know!

Check out following signs which help you to understand this change in visuals.

If he used to hate shaving before and loves being scruffy, but now shaving regularly.

If his dressing séance improved magically.

If you catch him looking in the mirror for long minutes to studying his looks.

One of a big sign is the smell. If suddenly he smells completely different.

If he looks nice even when he is not supposed to like returning from work.

If he is weirdly shy about his body and even hesitate to open up in front of you.

Changes in what he does:

Sometimes people start being so nice because of some serious guilt. If you find him suddenly helping you around the house work or doing a ton of favor on you, there are chances he is doing it to compensate.

If he is suddenly helping you in different ways and cleans apartment or does some serious work which he never did before.If he turns into Mr. romantic and brings you flowers and candy without reason, especially after long era.

If he disappears for hours without informing you.

If he is making excuse to not spend time with you.If can’t keep an eye contact while talking to you. If he doesn’t reply your text for long hours in the middle of the conversation and repeats this thing for days.

Make sure, none of the above only single sign proves anything. Think seriously before you judge your partner or snoop through his things. Your move can completely lift your relationship up or down. One of the best ways to get over this thinking with doubt part is to discuss.

44Talk to your partner. Don’t just randomly ask him “Hey, are you cheating on me?” He will defiantly deny and thinks that you don’t trust him. Let him know what you are noticing. Explain to him why this thing hurts you so much. Open up your insecurities in front of him rather than hiding and suffering it alone.

So many times happy relationship gets ruined just on the base of silly doubts (which are just illusions).

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