The Fast Foods Epidemic

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We all know that fast foods are associated with cardiovascular complications, obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Also, we are aware that we should adopt healthy eating habits consisting of vegetables and fruits. However, it seems we are ever chasing time that we can’t order a nutritious meal at the restaurant or even cook at our homes. And parents are on the frontline of instilling these bad eating habits on their innocent children not bothering about the long terms effects of these junk foods.

ffgSurprisingly, the popularity of these fast foods continues to grow each day. Deep down, most of us desire to be healthy- eat a balanced meal, have a chiseled physique like our favorite player, and be able to shop at any clothing store. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, money tight, and the allure of a grilled burger calling your name, what can you do? However, a busy person can somehow agree that eating healthy may not always seem realistic.

For example, children need to be ferried to soccer and ballet practice there are work projects, laundry, family crises, all of which have to be done. Quality options are often substituted with highly processed boxed meals. Not to mention that depending on where you live, eating right may appear virtually impossible.

A drive down a main street of any sized town or city engulfs the senses in an onslaught of bright colors, flashing signs, and enticing slogans all designed to make you crave a quick-fix meal. When it comes to handling the increase in fast food- and the associated obesity epidemic, there are a lot of blame games involved. There are food manufacturers and their crafty production techniques, unscrupulous advertisers who know their claims are half-truths at best, calculating retail marketers who understand that placing fast food next to a checkout line will elicit a young child’s fury and mom’s lust for those fries.

ffThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that obesity is fast approaching the most common preventable cause of death—a close second behind tobacco. Obesity can cause many other health complications, including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, sleep apnea, and others. The list of ingredients being used to produce these addictive fast foods is shocking and manufacturers have found a way to cause you to keep going back for more by including certain additives and chemicals that create an addiction to their products.

When scientists discover something they like, they remove flavor molecules from anywhere they can be found and then “mimic mother nature’s molecules with chemicals. Why do they do this? To “improve” on the original taste. This industry’s main goal is to develop “a flavor so good you can’t resist it,” which will create an addiction to the taste so you keep going back for more. In addition, foods that are mass produced can be more quickly processed, more efficiently packaged and sold, and stay on the store shelves for longer periods. This all amounts to more profits for the food manufacturers but less nutrition for you.

According to WHO, one billion adults are overweight (300 million are obese), and unless something changes soon, this figure will keep going up at a rapid rate. It also reports that at least 2.6 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Over 42 million children under 5 years of age are overweight. Entire countries are literally eating themselves to death through a regular diet of fast foods! The modern world thrives in a rushed existence.

fffAttention spans are shorter and time has become increasingly precious that we are always looking for shortcuts to get more out of each day. Where does a healthy diet fit into all of this? “Nowhere,” most conclude, and the first place they cut corners is with their diets. Those who survive on fast food may appear to be fine, but the real harm is taking place inside the body and they are actually eating themselves to death. A poor diet impairs the body’s ability to fight toxins and diseased cells. This is where cancer comes in. However, concluding that a healthy diet in today’s society is impossible is unrealistic.

You cannot cut corners on what you eat. Good food builds good health. While the blame game could go on forever-science calls it a disease, doctors recommend surgery for it, ultimately the only one who is responsible for putting a stop to it, through monitoring what is on your plate, is you. Whatever condition you find yourself in, it is never too late to turn things around. All it takes is some knowledge and commitment.

Only you can make the tough choices necessary to break free from a damaging addiction. If you follow the Creator’s principles of health, you can kick the habit of being a fast food addict.

Was God not wise enough to recommend food consisting of purely fruits and vegetables?

What are you doing on your part to curb this epidemic?

Are you going to eat yourself to death?

Is it convenient to eat healthy?

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